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Where Are All the Millionaires?

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500 million people watched "˜The Secret' so why are there not 500 million millionaires?

The amazing thing is, it's possible.

It's okay to be interested in the knowledge within "˜The Secret' and follow the Law of Attraction but being interested does not make a millionaire. You have to be committed to making the shifts and changes in your life that will allow the abundance to reach you.

I truly believe that your thoughts can become things but it's more than just believing in yourself and faking it until you make it. It's so hard to find inspiration on your own so you need to commit to finding the right mentors for you. I have never spoken to my mentors personally but I regularly find inspiration and courage from people like Mike Dooley, John Assaraf, Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale, Sarah Prout, Christie Mary Sheldon and Steven Aitchison. Watching vidoes and reading their books has really helped me focus and stay committed to changing my life for the better, even if it's in baby steps.

I realise that there has been scientific evidence to confirm that using affirmations can help us to a more abundant life. The problem for me was that the affirmations I was using felt so far gone from my reality that it felt like I was re-affirming the lack I had in my life.

For example "“

I AM FINANCIALLY FREE "“ A bit hard to believe when you've eaten beans on toast for the last 3 days and the elastic on your favourite pair of knickers has snapped and you can't even afford to replace them until next pay day. Oh Aye, and I almost forgot that one of your bairns has a birthday party to go to this weekend so you will have to buy a gift. And so it goes on"¦"¦.

I AM CONFIDENT AND INDEPENDENT "“ Not the easiest thing to feel and believe when you keep thinking about all the bad decisions you have made in the past. Nothing seems to go your way and have not been able to keep a promise to your children that you will take them on a fantastic holiday abroad this year. You need to rely on the governments Working Tax Credits to top up your income otherwise you would be eating toast without the beans!

These are just a couple of examples but these are things that I would really love to feel for real. So, it got me thinking about how I should say these affirmations in a way that works better for me. One of my mentors has suggesting saying it this way "“ I AM IN THE PROCESS OF BEING FINANCIALLY FREE. At first I thought this was fantastic but doesn't the universe always give us what we want? Wouldn't that mean that I would never reach financial freedom as I would always be in the process of reaching it?
I'd also ask the universe "Why do I never seem to have any money? Just like I've said, the universe would continue to show me reasons why I never seemed to have any money by things like appliances around the house breaking down, the fridge started freezing all the food and had to be replaced as it was unfixable. Getting a flat tyre on the way home from work. And it goes on "¦"¦"¦.

I've discovered a better way to use my affirmations and not only is it believable to me, I feel empowered and so I'm also raising my vibration so feel really good when I say them.



I no longer ask the universe "Why do I never seem to have any money" I rephrase this and do not make it a question, instead I turn it into a demand.


The universe will have to show me the way. It's the law!

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