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What Small Action Led to a Big Change For You?

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A lot of us think that to change our life in some way we have to make huge sacrifices and give up a lot in order to be able to change.   A lot of the time a tiny change can make a huge difference in our life.

Imagine if Barack Obama had made the decision not to use social media to help his campaign for presidency; he wouldn't be the president of America today.   That one decision, that one little change to use twitter and fFcebook to help with his campaign, gave him the money, the influence, and the followers to help him become president of America.   There is no doubt that without social media Barack Obama would not be president today.

small_actionSimilarly for us, the small decisions we make, and subsequently the small actions we take can lead to dramatic changes in our lives.

I've written about it before, but it's worth repeating.   8 years ago I decided to go to a party at the last minute as a friend was going and asked me to go when we finished work.   That day changed my life completely, because of that one action, I met my future wife and we now live a life we love with our two sons.

I thought it would be interesting to hear your stories of how a small action led to a big change in your life.   If you could share your story I would love to hear it.

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