What is Your Perfect Day?

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I imagine you have a job. You work – you probably work hard. You lend a lot of your time to your work in return for a paycheck and essentially a standard of living. To an extent, you working is as unavoidable as taxes and death (don't worry, this gets better!)

perfect_day_at_workNow let's transition. You have goals and dreams – ideally, your goals are in some way tied to your work. Whether you have in mind a career that you are building, or a monetary goal that you are working towards , you're moving towards something greater than you. That's in an ideal world. What if you feel lost? What if you simply don't know? Even if you don't know – that's ok. Most people have been in your shoes at some point in their life – what's important is that you put in the effort to not feel lost anymore.

You have to successfully answer one question, one word. Why?

A little disclaimer. Answering this question isn't always easy. After all, you only get one shot at life and living out a dream. It's important and may not always be something that rolls off the tongue at first. A great way to start is with what I call your "Perfect Day".

Your Perfect Day.

Let's face it – many traditional and typical jobs through the walk of life are not ideal. You either didn't envision doing what you are doing now, as a kid. Or, you are not living your "perfect day", everyday.

The first order of business is to nail down your perfect day. What is the make up of your perfect day? Here are some questions you can begin to ask yourself:

  • Where would I be?
  • Who would I be with?
  • What would I do when I wake up?
  • What would I eat?
  • What would I be wearing?
  • Who would I interact with?
  • What would I contribute?
  • How would I feel?
  • What are my surroundings?

Why start with your "perfect Day"?

Answering the question of "why" isn't always easy to do. Thinking about your perfect day will at least begin the process of shifting your paradigm away from limiting beliefs.

A common trap in this process is falling victim to our own beliefs. Most people, myself included at times, have a very limited comprehension of their true potential. This shouldn't be a one-time deal, you should think about your perfect day regularly. It may take some practice and you may continuously adjust your perfect day. But, once you begin to think about it, you'll use your imagination and creativity like you never have before. You may open the floodgates for some creative juices to flow that have been waiting to burst out for a long time!

If you don't think you are creative, or feel like you have some sort of mental block prohibiting you from using your imagination – ask yourself more questions. One of my favorites is – "What would I do if I knew, 100% that I would succeed? No questions asked, I am going to succeed." What would you do? Who would you do it with? How long would it take you? Asking yourself more questions is another way to force yourself to think about it longer and more often.

Leverage your passions in this situation. If you are passionate about cars, what would you be driving? If it's a certain sports team, would you attend games and sit close to the field or in a box suite? Like traveling? Where would you go? How often would you go there?

Remember, you can't fail. Because you can't fail, there is no limit to what you can do. Are you beginning to feel a sense of liberation? Man, I know I feel liberated when I start to think in this light and ask myself these types of questions.

Silly is Good

It's a common tendency for people to hold in their creativity because they feel as though their ideas and passions might be viewed as silly or insignificant by others. NONSENSE. Let yourself be as silly as you can be. Have a no, no philosophy. Every idea you throw up on your white board or write down in your notebook has merit. It counts – and it counts because you thought of it while trying to think of your perfect day in your perfect life. The moment you start to dismiss you ideas, passions, and desires you are doing yourself an injustice. I have found that by going through this process with the no-no philosophy and in a relaxed state of mind – the ideas will flow like never before.

So give it a shot "“ What is your Perfect Day?

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