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You Are Wasting Time and Money

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There are two things that are consistent…. and both can damage your life if you piss it away.

These two things move slow and fast.

There are those who have manipulated the two into serving them and then there are those who have become a slave to both.

If you don't have the slightest flying fudge on what I'm speaking about, the two things are…..

Time & Money

Let me give you a perfect example, my friends…

Casino owners have manipulated the concept of time & money to one of it's highest possibilities. Usually, Casinos are 24 hours, 7 days a week (time) and within that time the money is pouring in.

While you… the consumer, the person who wants to have a fun night on the slot machines does not realize the more time your waste in that casino, the more money your wasting (will waste, lol).

This is how you can become a slave to the two.

But, today is your liberation…

I will reveal 6 of some of the biggest waste of time and money that you come across daily, rather on the material aspect or mental. Lets Party ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Beats By Dre (Money)

The end all be all of headphones, you seen all the A-list celebs wearing them in media, so they must be great right?

Fudge No!!!!!!!

Trust me when I say this, you can get the same exact sound from cheaper headphones.

For instance; Audio Technica ATH-M50X retail for 169.00 bucks on amazon while beats studio headphones retail for 299.95….

Your best friend Fatal Jay just saved you 130.95 dollars without even breaking a damn sweat……thank me later.

Lets be real…Beats are over hyped and marketed well.

So go ahead and waste your money on some 100 dollar beats earbuds (yeah, some freaking earbuds). I will stick to my 20 dollar Sony headphones instead.

Worry about Things you can't Control (Time)

As Americans we have this thing called entitlement, pride, and ego that makes us believe we can control everything.

And last time I checked, if everything was in your control, wouldn't that make you a god?

So, why are you begging for that ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back when you know deep down in your heart it's over?

Why are you stressing about that bill you can't pay for, when you don't have the cash?

Why are you so concerned about people who talk about you behind your back constantly?

It's out of your hands, and no matter how much time you spend stressing about it, you will still end up with the same results or the results would go from bad to worst.

At the end of the day you have to say FUDGE IT! (yeah I'm trying to keep it pg-13 people).

The sooner you can grasp that concept of letting the uncontrollable things go, the sooner you will stop wasting and taking precious time away from your life.

Buying Things on Release Day (Money)

Why is so important to be the first person in that huge long line in front of the cell phone store, waiting for the new iPhone to be released?

Or how about galaxy phones, Jordan sneakers, or PlayStation 3,4, and 5?

What compels you to not wait a few months down the line for the price to drop?


these items are mass produced, their not rare items, so can you please come deez hell down?

If you refuse to heed my warning, then while your walking around proud of being that first iPhone 10 owner, eating ramen noodles for the rest of the day, trying to figure out how you will make 5 dollars stretch for 2 weeks….

I bet you will impress all the people, who could give a rats tush about you, and your stupid phone with the same features as the last nine iPhones or whatever number they are on now.

Getting Even (Time)

Your on the job minding your own business, you say hello to a fellow co-worker and the co-worker does not respond back, walking by like you don't exist.

  1. Your first emotional reaction, is hurt (your pride is bruised)
  2. Your next emotional reaction, is anger which is always a secondary emotion
  3. You believe you should retaliate or get even.

It's such a low level game, because the person who offended you, know their offending you.

If they can get you on the same (very low) level as they are, they win and that is such an immature game, but so called adults do it everyday.

Realize, until the day you die, you will have those who operate from a low level, and getting even, will waste your time.Ignore the bait, so you won't fall for the trap.

Coupons (Money)

If you enjoy wasting time and money at once, then welcome to the world of

"Extreme Couponing"

This world is where you will purchase things you wouldn't normally buy without coupons and buying more for the newspaper then getting good deals from the coupons inside.

Straight from the horses mouth (excuse me Mrs. Rakoczy I'm not calling you a horse ma'am :S )

Christy Rakoczy a former extreme couponer says "When you do extreme couponing your goal is to save as much as you can, it's not really so much about getting useful products as it is about getting products   that you can get for free"

Mrs. Rakozy that my dear sounds very pointless.

Be a smart shopper, cut out coupons to knock down the price on what you usually buy.

DO NOT….cut out a thousand coupons that will give you 60 pooper scoopers just for the sake of having them all for free.

Life is short, if you add the amount of B.S we have done so far, most of our life is half way done, so from this point on make life count, before I tell Mrs. Rakozy to bury you under a stack of useless coupons.

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