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Tips for a better life # 6

I am trying to stop eating as much rubbish as I can just now. My downfall is biscuits and cakes. If I see a pack of cookies you can be pretty
sure that with a cup of tea or coffee they will be all gone in a matter of
minutes. I want to stop eating them as much as I know the pounds will
pile on; however is it fair not to have them in the house at all when I have
2 healthy children? No it's not. So I was looking for another way
of stopping myself eating a packet of biscuits whenever I had a cup of tea
or coffee. I have finally discovered a really simple way of doing it. I
have been using it for the last 7 days and it is working brilliantly, I can't
believe how easy it is.

Train your brain method

Whenever you reach for that pack of biscuits say out loud "˜I don't
like biscuits!', whenever you are offered the food you crave say "˜I
don't like (the name of the food)', if you are talking about your
downfall food in conversation tell people you don't like that particular
food. Don't tell people you are telling yourself this to stop you
eating as much, just tell them you don't like it and leave it at that.

I can imagine the conversation between my brain and my conscious:

Brain: "Steve reach for that pack of biscuits I'm dying on a little
biscuit fix."
Conscience: "I don't like biscuits!"
Brain: "Yeah right! just put out your hand a slide a few from the packet
and into your mouth."
Conscience: "I don't like biscuits!' A little more forceful
this time.
Brain: "What! You love biscuits, you had twenty just yesterday. What's
going on?"
Conscience: "I don't like biscuits!"
Brain: A little confused "Okaaaay, I'll play your little game."

2 days later

Brain: "Steve, reach out for that pack"¦.oh, sorry I forgot you
don't like biscuits. Fancy an apple"
Conscience: "I love apples, take my legs to the fridge."

What is happening here is that there is, what psychologists call, cognitive
dissonance. You are saying to yourself you don't like something
but your brain doesn't believe that just now. After a few days
both brain and conscience work hand in hand as the brain has been told that
many times it believes the conscience and simply accepts the fact that you
don't like the food.

This is simplifying it a little but you get the picture.

I am thinking of ways of using this method on other areas of my life. Let
me know your thoughts on this.


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