Online earnings for May 2007

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Online earnings for May 2007

I can't believe another month has gone in already. It's
definitely true that the older you get the quicker time seems to pass.

I have been working harder this month on online earnings and have decided
to start posting my earnings every month. There are currently 5 sources
of revenue that I am currently using

Source of Revenue

Income for May

Google Adsense






of eBook


Commission from GoogleCash




Commission Junction




It's going to be a long time before I am able to give up my job and
become a pro blogger, but I am working on it.

I have been reading avidly everything to do with affiliate marketing just
now and bought Chris Carpenters Google
Cash eBook
and it is has really opened my eyes to affiliate marketing. I
believe there is something in it but believe it is a lot harder than Chris
or anybody else makes out. However I am willing to learn everything I
can in my quest to become a pro blogger.

Google Adsense earnings this month should have been higher however the first
6 days of the month were at virtually zero earnings. I wrote to Google
to ask them to look at this but they advised nothing was wrong. So I
am hoping it will be higher and nearer the $100 in June.

Kontera earnings are getting better. I only started using them in April. I
toyed with the idea of dropping them however I believe it could be a good little
earner the more traffic I get.

Review-Me earnings came from the review I made for I
don't expect a lot of people asking for reviews but it is still worth
keeping as a source of revenue.

Sales of the eBook have been dire and as I mentioned earlier I think I was
being a little naïve about the amount I could sell. However I have
only promoted the book through this blog.

GoogleCash eBook special report
was an okay little earner for doing nothing

I have only started using ClickBank and Commissions Junction so don't
expect a lot from them just now. The banner at the top for the south
beach Diet is from Commission Junction and I haven't earned anything
yet. I will experiments with this.

How did you get on this month, let me know by leaving a comment.

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