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Top 10 Personal Development Articles of 2014

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2014 has been a great year for CYT for traffic, ever since Facebook was added to the mix at the end of July 2014. Facebook has been responsible for around 3 million new visitors this year which is fantastic and some posts, some old, some new have really hit the mark.

That's one of the reasons I wrote the Your FB Challenge guide, as I was getting so many queries asking why I was doing so well on Facebook and why I was hitting phenomenal numbers with the blog posts.  It's all about great content, if you can give readers great content they'll some back for more and share the posts.

Anyways, here is this years top 10 personal development articles from 2014

Top10 Personal Development

CYT's Top 10 Personal Development Articles of 2014


Number 10

Visits: 43, 123

Number 9

Visits: 59,489

Number 8

Visits: 68,357

Number 7

Visits: 69,130

Number 6

Visits: 78,443

Number 5

Visits: 78,445

Number 4

Visits: 88,580

Number 3

Visits: 193,662

Number 2

Visits: 291,200

Number 1

Visits: 420,576


Do you have a favourite one?

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