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The Top 10 List of Setting Goals That Keep You Moving Forward

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"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." ~ Jim Rohn "“

We've all been told to set goals for the betterment of our lives but not many of us were giving clear actionable steps to create goals that are measurable and attainable. After years of harboring a goals sheet and tirelessly going over it with my friends in disgust I decided to scrap the old list and design a plan to keep my life moving forward. I had to break the meaning of "goal" down and I realized is what I learned about goals were all wrong for me. Goals simply means an aim or a desired result and the bases of me setting goal were not to reach a desired result it was based on things outward or what was going on in my life at that time.

setting_goalsAre you setting yourself up for failure?

You can set goals until the end of the earth but if they are not specifically designed based upon your desire or aim to achieve they will continually fall flat or you'll be drinking wine going over the same list sobbing with your friends. The question that I had to ask myself when setting goals for my life was is this something that I will follow through on or is this just immediate gratification to fill a temporary need.

Goal setting is important but we sometimes set them without a clear guide or a measurable time table. We forget it is all about the vision and how we want to fell, or see having for ourselves. We forget the importance of writing, reciting, and breathing life into our goals. We also set the goals and put them in our notebooks and forget about them until it's time to set new goals and wonder why we have not manifesting anything on the list.

To transform your life through goal setting you have to take full control and get into the driver's seat and begin to get what you want by the art of creating. I have the top 10 list for you here and I want you to put yourself first, feel your desires, and turn you unrealistic goals into a guaranteed personal success blueprint.

1. Set the vision

The first thing is you have to know what you envision for yourself. If you know exactly what you want and how you see it manifesting you will easily put yourself in a position to get or create what you need. Take the time out to visualize how you want to feel and what you desire to create. That is the cool beginning

2. Have Faith

Trust the process and turn your belief over to something higher than yourself. If you don't believe in you or that you are worthy you will not derive the mental fortitude necessary to create goals and complete them.

3. Purpose

If you know the purpose behind your goal you will stay motivated to completion. You will always be able to look back at your why and make adjustments as needed. Being purposeful is your power and will continually help you to identify things in a timely fashion.

4. Write it down

Put things on paper gives your words oxygen which creates life. If you write your goals down you are creating and building the momentum necessary to get things moving in a forward direction. Take this step a little further and put your goals were you can see them and not collect dust.

5. Make it measurable

You written your goals down and given them life now give an identity. Be specific in your time frames, and detailed in the origin of which these goals came and the direction into where they are going.

6. Break them down

If your goals are huge don't hesitate to break them down into smaller actionable steps. You will be more adept at completing

7. Accountability

Hold yourself accountable even if you have to usher in outside help. Be willing to call yourself out on your shit, or invest in a coach who will.

8. Affirm your goals

Speak positive about your goals declare that your goals are achievable. Create a manifesto specifically designed by you and for you. This tells the world and the universe that you are ready willing and able.

9. Stay focused

Staying focused assists you in reaching your goal. You will be able to identify what is important and or irrelevant. You will be willing to say "no" when necessary and yes when appropriate. Your focused builds confidence and determination that you will get things done.

10. Revisit- Revise- Review

Keep the momentum going by revisiting your goals and making the necessary adjustments to revise them according to your wants and needs. Review your goals every 90 days.

By following these steps you will be connected to your vision and inner world. You will have a map to follow to assist you in achieving your goals.

Will it be easy? No! Nothing worth having ever is.

Will you feel like giving up? Yes! But you won't because your goals are based up your authentic desires and that will always be the catalyst to pull you through.

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