This weeks star post 4th December 2006

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picture of hollywood walk star with beth dargis name on itContinuing
on for Kate
Hudson's post
last week, I have found another great post from Beth
over at My Simpler

The site offers tips in all areas of life and there are some really good articles
on it. Beth herself is a wife, mother and life coach.

The post I chose for this weeks star post is 'The
gifts of waiting'
which speaks about using our time, whilst in queues,
traffic jams, any situation where we find ourselves waiting, to visualize,
be thankful and take time out. So many of us are is such a hurry these
days that when we are in a queue of any kind we find ourselves silently seething
as the queue isn't moving quick enough.

If you use the time to visualize your goals or be thankful
for what you have you will soon find the queues disappearing too quickly. I
have to say I love traffic jams, it gives me time to listen the podcasts i
have downloaded that week and I really get a chance to think about the,.

Thanks for the post Beth.

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