This weeks star post 18th June 2007

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This weeks star post 18th June 2007

This weeks star post is about a subject most feared in the world; public speaking. Andrea Dickson has written a post for entitled “˜Sound more confident in one easy step’.

It’s a very short article as it focuses on one aspect of public speaking and that’s introducing yourself. I won’t spoil it by giving away what is said but it’s worth a look.

Andrea has written lots of articles for Wisebread and you can see her other articles here Andrea Dickson

The whole blog is worth a look and it is getting better month on month with some fantastic quality articles. I know they are in the Positive Blog Network but I am being completely unbiased when I say it’s a great blog.

If you have a post that you have seen in the last week that deserves to be recognised why not send me the details. You can send in your own, you’ll get a link to your blog and to your post if you are mentioned.

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