The process of a dream

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Over the years I have noticed that the things I have failed in are the things
I have not thought out. I have started projects in the past and got
really enthusiastic and then the enthusiasm dies. I have analysed the
failures and discovered that I used to get the whiff of an idea and then go
for it all guns blazing without thinking about it.

the_process_of_a_dreamNow the first thing I do is think about the outcome, I think about the end
of the project and work back.

I was speaking with someone last week who is very impulsive and has all these
grand ideas, a bit like me when I was younger, and he said he wanted to be
a pilot. I said that was a great and ambitious plan, so we looked into
it. After he saw the amount of work and possible money involved he dropped
that and move onto something else, I encouraged him to go for it but he said
he wanted something a little easier to obtain. He then wanted to be
a professional football player.

If you can see the end of your dream and can see the outcome then the bits
in-between become a little easier. For example, one of my dreams is to
become a personal development speaker. The process worked like this;

  • I watched Jack Black (Scottish Personal Development speaker) and said
    the job for me. That was about 9 years ago.
  • I didn't do anything about at first, but I did read every personal
    development book I could.
  • The dream did not die, but it was still a dream.
  • 8 years later the dream was still burning a little ember in the back of
    my mind.
  • I decided last year I would pursue this dream I had.
  • I thought about the end and where it might lead, it would mean a lot
    of rejection at first, it would mean facing up to my fears, it would mean
    studying and writing a lot, it would mean perfecting the craft of speaking. I
    still wanted to do it.
  • Then I worked back the way. A blog seemed a great way to start
    and would really show me if I had the commitment to do this as I would
    need to continue writing a blog for months maybe years before I got anything
    out of it.
  • I am pleased with the blog and am still committed to it and have now set
    the wheels in motion and written a course about blogging which will give
    me confidence in speaking to audiences.
  • Once I have the experience of speaking regularly I can develop the personal
    development course next year and roll it out.

I am so much closer to my goal than I was.

You'll notice the main ingredients of this dream of mine. The
dream stayed a dream until I actually moved on it and started thinking about
it and doing something with it. I saw the end of the dream and what it
would mean to me if I achieved it. Now the wheels are turning quite
rapidly and things are starting to fall into place. So if we broke it
right down the process of achieving your dreams might work like this:

  1. Your have to have a dream before you can achieve it.
  2. Think about the end and what it will mean.
  3. Act on the dream.
  4. Keep acting on it, make a call, speak to someone, do anything and keep
    the momentum.
  5. Review your dream regularly
  6. Achieve your dream

It's great having dreams and little daydreams and it's also great
keeping them that way, like the daydream of winning the lottery, you know it
is unlikely to happen but it's good to daydream about it.

Now if your dream is something you really want to do, you have to act on it
before you even get close to the dream. Take one step everyday to work
on your dream, even if that means thinking about it. Thinking and visualising
your dream is important to keep it alive. Take action steps, make phone
calls, speak to someone about it, and get good at the processes in-between. Review
your dream regularly, this will tell you if you are on track or if the dream
is dying. If the dream dies then that's okay, it saves you a lot
of time. If the dream is still alive keeping taking the action steps
until you achieve it.

You are reading this blog for a reason; why not act on that reason. Do
one thing that will take you a step closer to your dream.

Want to share your dream, share it here by leaving a comment. You'll
always find someone willing to encourage you.


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