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The Power We Have Forgotten About…

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There's one thing we all have control of, something nobody, whatever happens, can take away from us. It's something that we used when we were kids and the world was a huge universe of opportunities, of possibilities, of heros, of amazing people, of dreams, of new lives, of new love.

And then….

Something happened……we grew up, we had responsibilities, we got a job, we got sucked into the world of the media and all the lies, the deceit and everything that the corporate world threw at us, and we became small again.  We forgot to dream, forgot to believe in ourselves, forgot that we have the power to do anything we set our minds to.

It's time to use that power again, it's time to stand up, shout from the top of our lungs "I AM HERE, I HAVE THE POWER INSIDE OF ME'

That power?

Your imagination

It's time to start using that power again, to start believing, to start dreaming, to start loving life again.  We didn't lose  the ability to imagine a beautiful world, we just forgot about our power to imagine, and imagination leads to action, which leads to change, which leads to a goal, which leads to a different life……

Start using your power again…


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