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The Most Powerful Productivity Technique Ever

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This might be one of the shortest posts I have ever written, but there's a reason for it.   The reason is that the technique I am about to share with you is so simple, yet so profoundly life changing that it need only be explained within a few sentences.

We are all looking for ways of being more productive and cutting out time wasting activities in our lives.   There have been countless books written about it, countless blogs blogging about it, and countless gurus doing seminars on it.


Well, here is the one most powerful methods for being the most productive person you will ever be:


Work as if you are being audited,

and have to explain every single

minute of your day.


That's it.   I can guarantee you that this technique alone will double your rate of productivity.

The technique works in two ways:

Notice time leakages

Working as if you have to account for all your time and explaining yourself will let you see exactly where you waste time.   When you know where you are wasting time you can cut the practice out.

Being mindful

When you work like this you are being what Buddhists call 'mindful'.   You are focusing on the work you are doing and talking to yourself about it:

'I am on the internet.   Why? I shouldn't be on it I am being audited, I'll get back to writing my notes up.' All day long, you are constantly being mindful of what you are doing.   this is extremely powerful, as this is not a normal occurance.   Our mind wanders all over the place.   the technique above will stop it from wandering and help it to focus on what you deem important.

Of course you have to be disciplined to be mindful, but the more you practice the better you become.


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