The Masters Gathering – Follow up to The Secret

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The Masters Gathering

I remember watching the film "˜The Secret' and thinking it was great, but there was something missing.   Yes it outlined what we are capable of with our thoughts and manifestation in our lives, but it didn't really go into the how of manifestation, how do we do it, how do we get to the stage of being able to manifest our desires.   Well, I have found the missing piece in something called "˜The Masters Gathering'.

The Masters Gathering is a soon to be released series of talks with some experts in the field of self help.   People such as:

T.Harv Eker
Jack Canfield
Bob Proctor
Joe Vitale
John Demartini
Bob Doyle
David Wolfe
Laurel Langemeier
Dr. Ben Johnson
John Asaraf
Marci Shimoff
Michael Beckwith
Janet Atwood
Mary Morrissey
And more!!

No doubt you will recognise some of these names as the leading   names in the self development field.

They are now starting to give away some great videos on what it takes to change your life.

The Masters Gathering, I hope, will be the missing piece of the puzzle for many people.   I have not seen the whole series of talks but with the videos that have been released so far I am hopeful that it is going to be a smash all over the internet come February 5th.

I am not a lover of promoting products in my posts but I think if you are into self development at all, and you must be if you read this blog, then The Masters Gathering should be on your list to look out for on February 5th.

The Masters Gathering videos so far

So far they have released three videos which you can get by clicking on the links below:

The Masters Gathering: John Assaraf talks about his favourite superpower

The Masters Gathering: Loral Langemeier talks about surviving in the recession

The Masters Gathering: Joe Vitale talks about the 4 stages of awakening

There is some great information in the videos and I can't wait until the whole thing is released and I hope it is going to be as good as the hype, we'll need to wait and see.

If you have seen the videos so far let us know what you think of them.

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