The Alternate Universe and You

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The Alternate Universe and You

Imagine for a few seconds another universe existed.   An alternate universe where you existed, only you have made different choices, and your life has turned out just the way you wanted it to be.   A life where you were happy and, you had your ideal partner, your ideal job, maybe working for yourself, your ideal home, and your ideal friends.   Take a few seconds to think about that and how you would feel.

Of course, in the alternate universe, there would still be things you wanted in life, as happiness is not defined by material possessions, but on the whole you were happy and living the life you wanted.

Well, today I am going to ask you to cross over into that alternate universe and live the life of your alternate self.


Before Crossing Over

Before crossing over into this alternate universe, you've got to have a good reason for crossing over in the first place.

Some of the reasons may be:

Fed up working in a job where you are not happy

Fed up living from month to month with little security about the future

Fed up being alone

Fed up having no money

Fed up not having a real purpose in your life

General dissatisfaction with life

There might be 101 reasons you would want to cross over for, but to cross over imagine there is a checkpoint from this universe to the alternate universe, and before crossing over, you have to fill out an application form stating your reasons for wanting to cross.   Until this application form has been completed, you will not be allowed to cross over.

Fill in the application form now by clicking the link below (honestly, there really is an application form 🙂 :

Filling in the application form will help you to think about exactly what you want in your life, however it will also remind you of what is good in your life, you'll see what I mean in the application.

Importance of Feeling

In the application you'll have noticed that you have to list the things you are unhappy about, therefore it is presumed you want to be happy in that particular area.   It's not enough to list what you want in life, it's important to feel what it's like when you have that missing something.   Feeling what you want to be happy about will inspire you to take more action, and it will lift your consciousness to a different place.

I know it sounds pretentious to say it will lift your consciousness, what I mean by that is you will no longer be thinking from a 'lack' perspective, which is something we all fall into and it lowers our spirits, vibrations, consciousness and energy in general.   When you think from a higher-level consciousness and actually feel the emotions of having what you'd like to have in life, you are lifted in every way and that includes your state of mind, your consciousness.

The more you cross over to the alternate universe, the more you will be in touch with the feelings; the feelings of love, the feelings of abundance, the feelings of happiness and joy.   The more you visit the alternate universe there will be a spill over effect in this universe.

Changing Limiting Beliefs

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the biggest obstacle to getting what we want in life is our limiting beliefs.   Crossing over to an alternate you and imagining everything has worked out as you planned, you will notice that your beliefs, momentarily, change.   Almost anything is possible (I say almost anything as there is always some smart arse that asks 'If anything is possible does that mean I can start to fly, or something as glib), and when you start to believe anything is possible then things really do start to change for you.

The more you cross over to the alternate universe the more your limiting beliefs will dissolve in this universe.

Know What You Want & Take Action

Crossing over to the alternate universe is obviously a bit of fun, but it is also a powerful exercise if you continue to use it.   It's a tool in a toolbox, but a powerful tool.   However, don't get lazy and just sit around and play with your imagination in the alternate universe, all of this is to help you take action.   Without action, you will NEVER get what you want in life.

Of course, there are many alternate universes, multiverses, so you can apply to cross over any time, and at any stage in your life.

See you on the other side 🙂

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