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The 12 Laws Of Life (That Will Change The Way You Live)

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Have you ever felt as if life has become too much to handle? As if you need a break and all you want to do in that break is nothing?

I understand.

A lot of us live life scared. And even more of us live life unhappy. We start believing that maybe this is how it is supposed to be. That there is nothing special about life.

But that's not true.

12 laws of lifeLife IS meant to be purposeful and meaningful. You are meant to enjoy yourself. Here are twelve rules about life that would make the journey better.

1. You are bigger than your obstacles.

Your obstacles do not make you weaker. They prove that you have the power to rise beyond the ordinary. Your obstacles give you personality, they give you character, they make you who you are. They give your story depth.

The obstacles are there for a reason, to launch you on to your best win yet. And the smallest part of you is bigger than the largest part of your obstacle. Remember that always.

2. You are powerful yet insignificant.

You have all the power in the world to change things. You are the most powerful species on the planet. At any moment, you literally have the power to change everything.

Yet you still play a very small part in the larger scheme of things.

This is not to discourage but to empower you to try things out. Nobody is paying you any attention, so do the things you really want to do. Don't be afraid of anyone or anything. You are insignificant to them.

3. You are unique yet similar to others.

You are unique and one of a kind. You have your own strengths and best parts. You are a lovely creature. Yet you are one of the many people in this Universe.

And even though you are different, you are uncannily similar to every other human on the planet. Don't be scared to live your own life but learn from others.

4. You are beautiful.

You are one of the most beautiful creatures the world has ever seen. Yes, you.

The way you live your life is an inspiration to half the population. You are kind and hardworking. You care about your closed ones and give to the ones in need. You believe in your friends and family. You take stress and get angry.

And in all this, you are beautiful.

You don't need to have the perfect smile or six-pack abs to be beautiful. You are beautiful the way you are, beautiful in the way you live.

5. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Yes, you can. Like I said earlier, you are powerful. Quite frankly, the power you exert is beyond your imagination. You can achieve anything once you set your mind to it.

But in order to use this power, you need to be willing to believe in it and believe in yourself. Believe in your power to give it wings.

6. You deserve happiness.

You are beautiful and powerful and you deserve all the happiness the world can give you. You have to give yourself a chance and believe you deserve it.

Stop looking for it in the external events, it is there inside you.

7. You are not your thoughts.

You might identify deeply with your thoughts but understand that you are not them. You are not your thoughts. You simply aren't. Repeat for emphasis.

Maybe that makes you wonder who you are. But you are not the thought that arose.

Thoughts come and thoughts go. But you are here. You stay. In the real world. Thoughts just represent your internal world. Stop identifying with your thoughts. Live.

8. You deserve success.

You are not entitled to it though. But if you work right and give it your all, success is yours for the taking. Give yourself permission to succeed. Take action.

9. You can change the world.

You have the power to change the world. You do not need anybody else's support. Your passion is enough. You can inspire others to join your cause.

You are not helpless neither are you inadequate. If you are frustrated about anything, you can single-handedly influence the outcome. You can create something bigger than your own self. Go change the world.

10. You can change yourself.

Not only can you change the world but you can also change yourself. This may sound impossible but it is not.

You have it in you to quit smoking, start exercising regularly and begin speaking that foreign language. Just believe in your power.

11. You matter.

You may be insignificant and not really unique, but you matter. You impact lives of so many people. Just think about the number of people you have interacted with since you were born.

The number of people who have been better off just because you exist.

The lady whose day was made when you smiled at her when you were one. Or your parents whose lives revolved pretty much around you for their best years. Or your partner who can't even think of a moment on this planet without you.

You matter.

You matter.

You matter.

12. You are enough.

You are enough the way you are.

Helen Keller once said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." Make sure it is not nothing.

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