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The #1 Technique To Set Your Goals And Actually Achieve Them

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Goal settings are extremely important for every one of us.


Because when you don't know what your destination is, you will definitely can't arrive there.

But, on the other side, there are people who set goals, but those goals are set in a way, that whether intimidates or stop motivates people.

In this article, I want to share with you #1 technique to set your goals and actually achieve them. This technique is called: creating SMART goals.

First things first, we have to explain a difference, between vision and goals.

Vision is something far, far away from presence. For example one day, I'll buy my own jet.

You know this is your big vision, but you don't think every day about it.

But what you think about every day, are your goals. By smaller goals, you will be slowly getting closer to your big vision.

1. So, first make your big vision, what do you want to accomplish, what is so big, to get you out of bed every morning?

For me, it is taking care of my family. For you, it could be anything from buying a new car, buying your own sports team, anything that keeps you motivated.

2. Then, you'll start setting your Goals.

I am a fan of setting SMART goals, that are:


Be as specific as you can. Don't say I will make more money next month. Say, I will make 5246€. The reason for doing so is simple.

If I would say I will make money next week, I will be motivated in the beginning, but as soon as I make let's say 100€ my I reach my goal. I made money, so I may or may not be hustling for more.

Or another example (for not always talking about money ?). It´s an „after holidays“ time of a year. That means we all (don't say you're not!) gain some weight. So, I decided, to lose this needless weight. My goal should be:

I will lose some weight?


I will lose 2,54 kilos?

Yeah, you're right, the first second one. Which lead me to the next step of Smart Goals.


If your goals can't be measured, then it's difficult to tell whether or not you're actually achieving them. If you are measuring your goals, you are measuring your progress too.

The same two examples I mentioned above. I want to make some money / I want to make 5246€.

I want to lose weight / I want to lose 2,54 kilos.

See? Both underlined goals are Specific, and Measurable, which mean, you exactly know whether you achieve them or not!

But, in order to not give up on the first occasion, your goals need to be also…


Don't set ridiculous goals or goals that are too big to achieve in a certain amount of time. You're going to feel like a failure and lose heart if you create goals that you can't truly achieve.

For example, You are never losing weight. You somehow, get to the point, that for your health, you need to lose weight. You are so motivated, driven at the beginning, so you go to your FB account and write on your wall. RRRRR! I am going to lose those 50 kilos!!!

But, as you already suspect, when you have to start, the chances are, you probably choose not losing weight at all. Simply because, you just set your goal too high at the beginning, and you feel overwhelmed.

If we talk about achieving our goals, there is one golden rule: STEP-BY-STEP! For doing so, let's take a look at the next step of our Smart Goals, so your goals need to be…


It's okay to reach for big changes or improvements, but break them down into smaller, realistic goals. Then, you'll have a bigger chance, to actually achieve them.

Let's say it's the morning. You are in the shower, and you have this big business idea. You see yourself how you buy your own yacht, jet, you are on the beach all day long. But, then after you wake up you see yourself, how you have to earn at least 500 million € for all of that. You can´t even put this goal on a paper, because you already know, you aren't going to struggle for goal, that you never reach.


When you put a time limit on your goals, you won't just put them off indefinitely but, instead, will continually work toward achieving them.

Last, but not least. I bet you, when you read about first step (Specific), you told to yourself: Wait, it´s good but there is something missing. Isn't it better to say:

I will lose 2,54 kilos up to 15th January? Or I will make 5246€ for the next month?

Yeah, that´s exactly the last point I wanted to make here! But, since you already know it, you now have a whole 5-Step system for setting your goals and (even better part) actually achieve them!

Always keep in mind that…

The key is just not to be intimidated by your goal, but be motivated about pursuing them.

So, little summarization:

1. Start by defining your big vision.

2. By dividing your vision into smaller parts, create SMART Goals.

Don't speed it up this process, take your time to set your goals and make your plan correctly.

I know you don´t want to waste time but remember what Benjamin Franklin once said:

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

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