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5 Ways to Manage Even The Toughest Problems – Bring It On!

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Everyone has problems. But it doesn't matter what problems you may have; it's your response/reaction to them that will determine the quality of your life. Here's how to manage even the toughest problems that Lady Luck may throw upon you. Bring it on!

1) Surrender.

Say what? Yeah, you've been told by many well-meaning gurus and people who love you to “never give up” the fight until you win (or die, whichever happens first).

But sometimes, surrendering is the best thing you can do to slow down the momentum of the problem and give you that much-needed recharge to start all over again.

You just have to give up struggling and accept what's happening at the moment. You can't keep on resisting the current issue. Whatever you resist will persist.

Everytime you face a problem, instead of saying “If only this haven't happened” or “If only I didn't make this mistake” or “Why is this happening to me?”… just say “It is what it is.”

It releases resistance and allows you to 'accept' the current reality, so that you can move on.

2) Treat all problems as blessings and opportunities.

Problems are actually blessings and opportunities in disguise.

They can give you lessons that will pay off for the rest of your life.

They can force you to do something or become someone extraordinary (that you wouldn't otherwise do or become), thereby changing your life for the better.

And they make you stronger mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (sometimes physically too).

But the biggest benefit is that they create contrast, which allows you to appreciate even the smallest things in life.

Let's say you've been hit with a seemingly insurmountable problem. Just imagine your relief when you've finally managed to overcome it. You get a positive rush or high unlike any other. As a bonus, it will boost your confidence and belief that you can conquer anything that comes your way in the future. Without problems, life would be so boring, right?

When we appreciate and perceive our problems as good things, then bad things cannot exist in our reality.

There are many real-life stories of problems either destroying lives or becoming blessings in disguise, depending on how people respond to them…

You've probably heard of people who lost their job. Those who couldn't accept their fate ended up getting drunk, depressed and miserable. On the opposite hand, there are those who treated it as an opportunity to go after the business or job of their dreams; they became super successful and regarded their previous job loss as the best thing that ever happened to them.

And what about those who broke up with their lovers? A few of them 'ended' their lives (bad choice); but for those who continued believing and finally met their 'real' soulmate, getting rejected by their boyfriend/ girlfriend was the Universe's ideal way of bringing Mr or Ms Right into their lives.

3) Be solution-oriented.

You get more of what you give your attention to. So don't dwell on how bad your problem is… focus on the solution instead.

Ask yourself: “What should I do now? What's the next step?” Then make a plan and/or make a list of possible solutions.

If you're clueless, say a little prayer like, “God/Universe/Subconscious Mind, I ask you to show me the solution; I'm confident that it is given to me in the most perfect way. Thank you for your help.”

Then go about your day knowing that the solution is right around the corner and will reveal itself at the perfect time.

4) Never let people dictate how you feel or what you should do.

It's no surprise that most people's problems stem from their relationship with others. Someone's forcing or manipulating you to do something you despise, but you're afraid to offend them for standing up on your own. This results in high-level stress. It's time to change all that.

You have to change your mentality from satisfying what they want for you… to following what's really in your heart.

Yes, they may disagree, criticize or even hate you at the start; but they will eventually come to respect your own decision or leave you alone.

5) Do whatever it takes to feel good.

When you feel good, not only will you attract more things that make you feel good (aka solutions), but you also have a better handle of the situation by having more focus and clarity.

Laughter is still the best medicine and stress-reliever. Laughter releases those awesome feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which could positively alter your mood and give you a fresh new perspective on handling your situation. Watch as much funny or hilarious videos and movies as you can.

You can also do anything that makes your heart sing… be it dancing, painting, writing, singing, playing, watching the sunset, walking in nature, or engaging in your favorite hobby.

You've probably heard how powerful meditation is in making you feel good, to the point of being miraculous. It helps you release resistance from your desires (thereby attracting them) and allows you to think clearly in a more relaxed manner.

But what if you're too busy? You don't have to do 15-minute meditations in one go. You can spread it throughout the day.

While you're queuing in line, waiting for someone, or commuting in traffic… instead of feeling bad that your time is being wasted, do 1-minute mini-meditations. Breathe in, breathe out in a slow relaxed manner all throughout the day. Be mindful of your breathing and let the calming sensation flood your entire body.

Apply these 5 techniques and you'll manage your problems like a kid plays his favorite game.

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