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Why I blog

I have been tagged by Gleb Reys of Personaldevelopment for
the "˜Why I blog' Meme which was started a few weeks ago.

I would like to thank Gleb for tagging me. Gleb's
is a wonderful personal development blog. Gleb is a great
guy and I enjoy talking to him and reading his writing and look forward to
reading more from him.

Since I started blogging my outlook on life has changed becasue
of the different people I have met and spoken to. My writing has improved
dramatically since I started to blog I have started various projects as a direct
result of my blogging.

The reasons I continue blogging

  • To know that the world is not as bad a place as the news would have us
    believe. Bloggers are the most positive people I have met and it
    gives me a lot of hope connecting with them.
  • Blogging has given me direction in my life. I love the writing, I love
    the sharing, I love talking about blogging and personal development and know
    within 1 year I will be doing this for a living.
  • I think it is great the people I have connected with over the last 7 months
    since I started blogging
  • I love the fact that someone might read my posts and it affecting their
    lives in some small way.
  • Blogging is one of the most cathartic tools in the world. You can
    tell the world your thoughts about anything and get those feelings off your
    chest. The blogosphere is your counsellor, should you choose it to
  • Financial freedom "“ I know in some way my blog will be the catalyst
    to securing my future financially, I don't know how but I know it
    will be.

I wake up at 5.30am every morning and love coming downstairs when it
is deadly dark and quiet, hearing the whirring of tha fan as the computer boots
up. The screen comes alive, firfox jumps into action, e-mails fire questions
at me and give me feedback, and I love reading the comments on my blog. The
whole idea of blogging just excites me so much and I have never tired of that
feeling. The fact that something you write might affect someone or change
the direction of someobodys life is a big responsibility and I don't
take blogging or writing lightly, but it is great fun. I would urge the
world to blog.

I would love to find out why these 5 people blog

Scott H Young

Craig Harper

Rajesh Setty

Wendy Piersall

John Richardson

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