Supermoon – Massive Energy Shift Coming Your Way on December 3rd

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I've recently started to take notice of the moon cycles.   Mainly due to the talks given by Maria Flynn on here live shows on Facebook

I've noticed energy shifts in me over the last year and put it down to just the way I was feeling on different days.   But what I have noticed is real energy changes within me; some really positive energetic changes that drive and push me forward and some really quite negative where everything seems to go wrong.

It turns out that these energy shifts coincide with the moon cycle so I had to sit up and take notice.

In light of this I have started preparing myself for certain changes in the moon cycles.   First of all I am more aware of the cycles and when I need to stay grounded I will mediate more or do more mantras to keep me grounded and balanced.

December 3rd 2017

This is going to be a big day in the moon cycle calendar, for a number of reasons.

December the 3rd will bring about a lot of spiritual energy. Not only will there be a full moon, Mercury will also be going into retrograde.

Not only that but the full moon on December the 3rd is going to be a supermoon.

A  supermoon  is a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee "“ the moon's closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.  This is not something that happens often. Because of this, the moon itself will appear at least 14 percent larger and a lot brighter than usual during this time.

In Native American cultures which tracked the calendar by the Moons, December's Full Moon was known as the  Full Cold Moon. It  is  fittingly associated with the month when the winter cold fastens its grip and the nights become long and  dark.

Full Moon Fears and Hopes

From the Full moon square Neptune and the Royal Stars it is fairly obvious that you have to be honest and moral to benefit from this full moon. The Moon with Aldebaran may reward you with professional success and happiness in your private life if you are nice and play fair. The Sun with Antares will tempt you to take the shortcut by lying and cheating your way to success and happiness. If you do act dishonestly and use underhand tactics, the full moon may instead deliver you failure,  disgrace and ruin. This is serious business because the full moon is square Neptune by a powerful 0 °10"² orb.

Mercury stations retrograde  only 8 hours before the full moon to also have a big impact on the full moon. Mercury remains retrograde for the whole two weeks of this moon phase. Mercury stationing retrograde conjunct Saturn does mean this full moon is serious business. It gives this fearful and deceptive full moon a sense of heaviness and gloom.

Negative thinking like pessimism, or thoughts of doing bad things, does not mix well with the deceptive and treacherous influence of Neptune. It will bring out any criminal tendencies or nastiness toward others. Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn is overly critical and tries to place blame. Full moon December 2017 square Neptune means you are likely to criticize or blame someone else, probably an innocent person.  You must show respect, especially for authority, tradition and your ancestors. A suspect past may catch up with you during this moon phase, or at least make you feel guilt and shame. (Source: AstrologyKing.com)

A a planet moves into retrograde it seems that everything is turned upside down.   We experience electrical issues, being a little more moody than normal, a little more negative thinking and things seem to fall apart.   However, being aware of this shift in energy can actually help us.

Maria Flynn states:

"Fear over Mercury Retrograde is unwarranted (in my opinion).  And if you are a long-time follower, you know that I think this is a delicate and very special time…Divinely designed for you to search out tranquility and create space to welcome  expansion of consciousness.  Only then can true freedom be yours…otherwise…these next few weeks could bring you unnecessary angst." (Source: Maria Flynn on Linkedin)


Take time to raise your consciousness

Take this as a special time to help you raise your consciousness.   You are now aware of potential issues that come about with the Supermoon being in Mercury Retrograde, so take this time stay more grounded and enjoy the spiritual energy influx that is coming your way.

Use this as a way to tap into the rare spiritual energy shifts on December the 3rd.

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