Sunday Siesta – July 19th

8 Fantastic personal development posts from around the net from the 12th July to the 18th July 2009

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There are some fantastic posts in this weeks Sunday Siesta and some beautiful stories. Some of the blogs you might not have heard of but you will get to know as the writing is great. Craig Harper has also asked me to offer you a FREE book on getting into shape. If you know Craig at all you'll know his style of writing is funny, engaging and he is a great teacher. Get his free fitness book here So….You've decided to get in shape again, I've also highlighted one of his posts for this weeks Sunday Siesta which everyone needs to read.

Thanks also goes to Jonathan Wells, another one of my favourite bloggers, for his Friday with Friends series as I found a few great posts in there from his links.

You'll see that blog writing has come a long way from when it really took off a few years ago and these posts highlight the fact that there are some great writers out there with something useful, interesting, funny and life teaching to say.

I hope you enjoy this weeks Sunday Siesta.

sunday_siesta9 Fantastic personal development posts from July 12th – July 18th 2009

Dear You – CraigHarper – Another beautiful post which reminds us that we are important in this world to. I love Craigs style of writing and I think you will too. Craig has also given us a FREE copy of his book So….You've decided to get in shape again which is written in his unique style and you will love, it,   it'll take you about 20 minutes to read but has some great lessons in there.

Is Your Life Satisfying or Disappointing? – AdvancedLifeSkills – Jonathan's writing and insights get better every week and his blog is a must read for any personal development fan. This post speaks about 7 strategies for exceptional living and there are at least 4 strategies in there that I could really relate to, don't want to spoil it for you though. I will also be reviewing Jonathans Book 7 Simple Steps – Life Transformation Guide which is getting rave reviews around the net just now.

Healing Lesson from the labyrinth – Jenny Mannion – I thought this was a beautiful story of how a mother learned some lessons by taking a walk and watching a robin. Belly dancing Jenny has some great posts on her blog and it's well worth a visit.

Can blackberries teach us about the law of attraction – EvolvingTimes – Ed Mills has been a favourite blogger of mine for a long time and teaches about the law of attraction. In this article he writes what observing blackberry season can teach us about the law of attraction.

A Beautiful Method to Find Peace of Mind – ZenHabits – Leo talks us through a method for finding peace of mind in everything we do by seeing the things in our life as already less than imperfect. This is an interesting read.

What Your Dreams Can Teach You About Being Awake (and Happy) – DailyMind – I am extremely interested in the mind and particularly dreams and what they can do for us and this article was a timely one teaching us about dreams and their significance in our lives.

Passion or obsession – Imperfect Action – I read this when reading Friday with Friends series by Jonathan Wells and thought it was an excellent post on the difference between passion and obsession

How to Strengthen Your Ability to be Decisive – AnnetteColby – Another timely article as I am teaching my son about being decisive. Annette speaks about strengthening your will and shows us steps on how to do this.

Edit your life – TheRatRaceTrap – Wow! what a great post this was from Stephen Mills. he speaks about 'A zero based life' which is starting your life from scratch. It might not be practical for a lot of people but I can honestly say I have done this when I was around 23/24 and started a whole new life and re-invented myself in another city and this post brought it all back.

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