Sunday Siesta – August 9th

Another 10 gerat personal development posts from August 2nd to August 8th 2009. there is also a video in here which you will love.

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This weeks Sunday Siesta has a few surprises in it. We have a video and a radio station I discovered whilst I was twittering away and I think you'll love it. There are a few usual suspects in here as well as I think their writing is so good they keep produciing great posts every week so they deserve to be in.

10 Personal development posts I think you'll love

sunday_siestaSynchronicity – Talk radio for your Mind, Body and Soul – A radio show full of spiritual ideas with lots of personal development interviews and videos etc. Marie Benardis the host and is a great person. Check out her Twitter profile

Family Values – Quantum Learning – I Loved this post, I don't want to spoil it too much as it is very short, but something about it just touched me. Check out Quantum Learning Twitter Page

What's the point – Deep Friar – Another unusual post, not really personal development but a great post nonetheless. Check out Deep Friars Twitter Page

Is it time to reinvent yourself – Advanced Life Skills – Another great post by Jonathan about how to change your life and embracing change instead of fearing it. Follow Jonathan on Twitter

Thinking the best of people – Ali Hale (Writing for PickTheBrain) – This post is all about looking at people and situations in a different light and reframing your thoughts to see the best in people and question yourself. Follow PickTheBrain on Twitter

The need to lead – Brian Tracy – this is a wonderful posts about the qualities of leadership which is the same values and principles everyone should have as a human being. Follow Brian on Twitter

15 things I learned as a personal trainer – Craig Harper – Craig is one of those blogger whose posts you could never tire of reading and this is another excellent post by him. In this he talks about the things he has learned over the last 27 years, some funny some serious, always interesting. Follow Craig on Twitter

How reading can change your life – Natural Bias – Another great post by Vin Miller and one I wholeheartedly agree with. Reading has been a major part of my life's journey and Vin explains why we need to take action on the knowledge we gain from books. Follow Vin on Twitter

Accepting who you are – Discovering purpose – Our very own Ayo Olaniyan speaks about living an authentic life and accepting who you are as a person. Follow Ayo on Twitter

32 Though provoking life stories – Marc and Angel – Some of these microstories will touch your heart. Marc and Angel's blog is a treat for every personal development fan. Follow MarcandAngel on Twitter

Jill and Kevin's big day – If you haven't seen this you're in for a treat. This is what a wedding is about; celebration and fun. Not exactly a personal development post but believe me it will cheer you up.

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