Sunday Siesta – August 2nd

Another 10 great personal development posts from lst week across the net.

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Here is another 10 great personal development posts from last week around the net. I am always looking for new and exciting posts to feature here so if you have a recommendation, even if it's your own posts, let me know for next week.

10 Great personal development posts July 26th – August 1st

sunday_siestaTimeless Information Podcast #001 "“ Take The First Step – Armen's first podcast which is a quick one about taking the first step.

Dig for diamonds – The RatRaceTrap – This is a quote from someone talking about digging for diamonds but one which hit home with me and I think you will enjoy it.

How to network with busy people – StevePavlina – 4th in this series on networking and it's a good one.

On freedom and what's coming – IlluminatedMind – Jonathan speaks about his freedom from his job and how he managed to break free.

Love the skin you're in in 5 easy steps – John Chukwuma – John reminds us what we should be loving about ourselves and how to start loving ourselves again.

3 tips to reduce stress in a stressful world – RirianProject – used to be a favourite of mine and he kind of went awol but is now back with some new work

Disorganized? Blame it on the universe! – SereneJourney – Sherri speaks here about how to keep your space organized. Not your usual post about keeping organized, I though this was a great read.

How to write compelling content for your blog – DragosRoua – A good reminder about what your blog posts should contain in order to keep your readers interested.

3 Keys steps if you want to be happy – JoyfulDays – Daphne speaks about the things that keep you happy in life.

The big question; Are you better than yesterday? – TimFerris – Another great read from Tim Ferris about how you can make your today's better than your yesterdays.

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