Stop Being an Adult and Start Being a Kid Again

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Somewhere along the way from childhood to our current state we lost some very important traits. We possessed incredible perceptions, and views that made being a kid fun and exciting. It was a time when our world was all about being happy, and enjoying life. We ran around with dirt on our faces and didn't care, loved exploring outside, and only thought about what was happening today. It was lovely.

What happened? Our surroundings and experiences began to condition us to stop doing certain things as we age.

Stop being an AdultWe got into the mentality of "growing up" and started thinking about serious things – money, jobs, social acceptance. Life was no longer about having fun, it turned into rat race. When this shift happened, our happy mindsets and love of life diminished as well. We've became a little bit more cynical, boring, and unhappy.

Well today you're going to get it back. It's time to re-learn how to be a kid again. Your not going to start sucking a soother at work or class, or changing your diaper at a party. Just break some of those adult perceptions and think like the 5 year-old version of yourself. I'm talking about re-gaining that child like glow and lust for life by changing these simple habits.

Start Getting Excited for Everything

Children have more excitement for life than any of us. Ever seen a child at Christmas? Words can not describe the blend of joy and exhilaration they exhibit. But, it's not just big events they're excited for. They go crazy in the simplest moments as well, like when a parent comes home from work or they get a tasty dessert after dinner.

Their excitement consumes them and they are fully happy in that moment.

As we become adults, we become less excited for the things in our world. We lose the ability to appreciate and enjoy moments in life.  Even when something big comes along like a vacation or a night out, most times our excitement is never fully there. Maybe we're thinking of the next move, or how to make it better. We struggle with embracing the excitement and just enjoying it.

When's the last time you were excited about something and actually expressed it? Try being a child and get excited for everything. It's hard to be a "life lover" if you're not excited about life in the first place.

Get excited to meet that friend for lunch, to finish that assignment, or even just be excited when you wake up and it's a nice day outside. Any situation presented to you opens up an opportunity to be excited and energized.   It's all in you're perception.

Dream big

Ask a child what their dream is in life, it will surely astonish you or make you laugh.

They have no limits on their dreams, if they can think it, then they can do it.

Our dreams are put under constraints now. We find it hard to dream without limits set by our surroundings. Any obscure or unique dream is crushed because it is not a normal path in life. The dreams and goals we have now were most likely influenced and altered to please other people.

It's no fun chasing a dream or goal we don't truly want.

Tap into you're child-like imagination and aspire to be anything or anyone you want.

You first thought might be " That's a cool dream, but it's impossible". Not only do children dream big, but they FULLY believe it will happen. Things are only impossible when we let them be.   If you don't think you can do something, chances are you won't do it.

 If your dreams aren't doubted by people, then they aren't big enough.

Love Unconditionally

When a child loves someone, it is unconditional. They don't care about your past relationships, mistakes, or decisions. There is no strings attached to their love,

They love you for you, and nothing will change that.

We grow cold as we age. I don't fully understand why, but we do. We keep our love to ourself and only give parts of it people. We slowly start expressing less and less love to the ones we care about. Our love begins to become based on conditions and requirements.

Unconditional love is what makes the world go round.

Sit down and really think about the important people in your life. How much would you miss this people if you couldn't see them for a year? Or what about forever? Everyone makes mistakes, and that shouldn't alter our level of love for them.

Give love away to those who deserve it like you used to.

Be Curious and Never Stop Exploring.

Children are stupendously curious.

They are constantly exploring, questioning and wondering about everything in life. This is curial for their development because it allows them to learn at an incredible rate.

If a child is curious about a hot stove top, they will want to explore, and they will touch it, and in turn, learn it's freaking hot and that it hurts. And now they know not to touch it again.

Adults start to learn just by listening, not through direct experience. It becomes easy to take everything at face value and not be curious about the "why".

Curiosity is the root of learning and intelligence.

Why is it with age we lose this phenomenal trait? Do we start to think we know everything? Or do we just get comfortable with what we know and too lazy to venture further?

The greatest minds on the planet are all driven by intense curiosity. Start to question everything. Act like a toddler and constantly ask "why". It will help you start to explore life for yourself again and not believe everything you hear.

Imagine the possibilities with you're old child like imagination, and you're intelligence now?

Regain your endless curiosity for the world and make the world yours to explore.

Now, if you started giggling like a toddler or sucking your thumb while reading this, I believe I partially succeed with the article. Being an adult is awesome, but it doesn't have to have the negative sides we add on. We all had these qualities at one point, so there's no reason we can't have them again.

Go be a kid.

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