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Shocking Education Tools to Change Your Writing Style

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There are a lot of ways to improve the way you organize your thoughts on a piece of paper. A style is what separates a writer from other fellow writers, and it's something you need to build. If you think that you need a guidance to enhance your writing style, there may be some tools you could use. In this article, you will have the opportunity to see 5 best education tools that will help you with your writing style.

5 education tools to enhance your writing style

A professional researcher from who has been writing on different educational topics for about 5 years made a review   on tools below that can change your writing style.   Let's see these tools and what each of them offers to you.

Poetry Idea Engine

This is an interesting tool that's mainly targeted at students with poetic aspirations. Poetry Idea Engine is a simple flash game you can play online for free. The game offers you a choice between 5 different poetic styles. Once you pick a style that fits you best, the game introduces you with some of the basic characteristics of that particular writing style. Next, you need to fill in the brackets in order to complete a song using what you have learned about that style. You can repeat the process as many times you want, and there are a lot of songs that randomly appear.


This is an online service that offers you various types of services in terms of writing. In case you need help with your writing style you can get expert proofreading and editing services. This way you can test your style and get some free essay help to enhance your writing. All you need is to contact the people from MyEssaywriting and let them know of your worries.


If you need access to some books that you can't find anywhere else, and you need to get them FREE, then Bartleby is the tool you require. This website offers a large number of literal work. You can browse for research, verse, fiction, reference literature and more. What really makes Bartleby so handy is not the fact that it's free, but that it allows unlimited access. This is an excellent tool for teachers to help you provide better knowledge to students.

Free classic audiobooks

Let's say you want to learn by looking up to other famous writers? Free classic audiobooks offer a massive choice of audiobooks you can listen and pick some fine-tuned style tricks. You will be able to listen and pay attention to all kinds of writing styles on this website. All the content is free and you get unlimited access.

Writing prompts

This is an excellent tool for all you teachers that have problems deciding on a topic for your students. Writing prompts offers a vast array of different topics, covering different writing styles you can use in your classes. All the topics are separated into different groups, each promoting proactive thinking and inspirational. Students can also use this tool in order to practice their writing style. So in a way, this tool can be used in almost any way. Any way that improves writing.

The same way that professional athletes improve their skills, writers improve their writing. Some talent, a lot of determination and never-ending practice. Use these tool in a combination. Don't be afraid to experiment, maybe you need to find your own style. After all, the most important thing about writing is originality in every way. So use these tools for practice but create the content using your own imagination and feelings. We hope that this article has helped you in some way. Let us know in the comments section, how you liked our list.

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