Saturday roundup 23rd June 2007

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Saturday roundup 23rd June 2007

It's been another busy week at the Aitchison household and a busy week on the net, lots of things to talk about and tell you.

Scott's eBook

I would like to talk about a good blogger colleague of mine, many of you will know already, Scott Young who writes a great blog over at Get the most of your life. The thing is Scott has only gone and written himself a great eBook entitled How to change a habit which you can read more about here.

The book is just over 12,000 words so is not too long and is designed to be read in a few sittings. The chapter headings are:

Trial Periods……………………….14
Advanced Methods……………..37
Habitual Mastery……………………67

Scott I would like to wish you all the success with the eBook

Dan and Jennifer

Two of the nicest people you could meet are climbing the success ladder in their own style. Dan and Jennifer have a great blog over at they talk about all things relationships and have some fantastic resources. They also have a show over on You tube which you can see here.

Dan and Jennifer have just confirmed a national TV interview on a cable TV morning show; they have also just been interviewed by a Major Californian newspaper and have a literary agent hoping to get them a book deal.

Dan and Jenn, I sincerely wish you all the best you deserve it.

Thank you

I would like to thank a few people who have helped me or my blog.

Thank you to Steve Olson for linking to me on the-best-of-the-internet-fathers-day-2007/

Thank you to Matthew Cornell for linking to me on getting personal productivity changes to stick

Thank you to Glenn Tan for linking to me on First pillar of success

Thank you to Paula Neal Mooney for putting me in the top 100 of in the blogger salaries list. I actually earn about $10,000 per year blogging just now but it's good to be a list as distinguished as this. You can see the full article at Paula's new list of Blogger salaries

Thank you to Alex Shalman ,who is currently away in Israel for 12 days, for linking to me and asking me to write a guest post for him which you can see later on next week. Other guest bloggers include Steve Olson, Scott H Young, and Aaron Potts.

Thank you to Carmine Coyote for linking to me on why changing your self talk could lower your stress

Best post this week

I think the best post this week has to be 5 ways to make money without selling your body. The posts shows a few ways to market yourself and I enjoyed writing it and doing the research for it and it got me fired up again to look at new ways of earning money.

Stats and earnings – Ranked 121,390 (122,000)
RSS subscribers – around 850 (700)
Technorati rank "“ 11,140 (11,450)
Earnings "“ Around $640 (blog management for another blog pay of $600)

Blogs, websites and posts worth noting A great article on memorising anything "“ Is this earths magnetic field about to flip? – Changing your depression forever. – A great site to turn your images into thumbnails "“ A fascinating story about wireless power. – A brilliant idea for people to swap their skills with each other. – I thought this was a great new way of looking at the time, very innovative. – check out this short video of an amazing new electronic door – some amazing pictures of the Aurora

That's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the roundup and checked out some of the great blogs and sites mentioned here.

Until next week.



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