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Roll the dice to relieve the monotony

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Tips for a better life # 7

Do you ever feel you do the same things over and over again and it feels like
Groundhog Day? Why not take a leaf out of the Dice Man's book and roll
the dice and make a choice for you.

Luke Rhinehart wrote the Dice Man back in 1978 and it is still as fresh today
as it was then. I read it about 7 years ago and thought the concept of
living your life by the dice was a great concept. I didn't have
the balls or the inclination to try it out in my own life back then but it
is a great way to try something new which is not too life changing.

roll_the_diceHow to use it:

By way of an example, list six things you would like to do. Make two
of them quote mild and run of the mill, make another two a bit more daring
and the last two way out there. For example say you want to do something
different on Friday night as you usually go out for a meal and a drink afterwards. Your
choices might be:

  1. Go to a restaurant in a town you have never been to
  2. Go out on the town and then stay in a hotel
  3. Go to a club you don't like
  4. Go to a midnight showing at the movies
  5. Make love in a strange town
  6. Go to the ballet

These are quite mild examples, but I am sure you get the picture.

I have tried this in the past with my sons. I have asked them to choose
6 different things they would really like to do and then we have rolled the
dice and let it decide what we do. We made a game of it, it was great
fun and we have had some great days out.

Roll the die take a chance!


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