Out of the game

I have not been able to get online for the last 48 hours so will not be posting for a few more days. My computer has decided to pack in on me and after failing to diagnose the problem I bought a new one today with the Online earnings I have made over the last few months.

I have gone for a laptop, A Compaq Presario V6000, it’s quite a powerful wee thing.

So I am just getting used to it and trying to retrieve some details from the old hardrive.

I have lost everyone’s e-mail and message that have been sent and I cannot get the incoming mail server to logon using outlook 2003, som if anybody has any idea please contact me at enquiries at stevenaitchison co uk

This has been an extremely frustrating and quite stressful few days not having the computer fixed and losing all the info from my other harddrive.

As soon as I am back on track I will start posting everyday again and on schedule.



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