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7 Ways to Reclaim the Power of Your Inner Warrior Goddess

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Beyond all the labels, gender classifications, beliefs and stories we all carry about ourselves fluctuates two diametrically opposed, but divinely interconnected, types of energy: the masculine and the feminine.

We see, hear, feel and cultivate masculine energy everywhere. Masculine energy is hot, hard, logical, goal-orientated, proactive and externally-focused, and it pervades everything from religion, to sex, to our relationships and our work lives.

Masculine energy, or God energy, dominates our lives because its very nature is to rule, command and control. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but after centuries of bowing down to fierce "Gods," industrializing the world, and living by aggressive, goal-orientated rules, ideals and goals, it is time for us to reclaim the power of the feminine in our lives.


Feminine energy is passive, soft, abstract, intuitive and nurturing, and is embodied by the moon, the earth, water and Winter/Autumn. As a gentle but sensual frequency, feminine energy is also linked to procreation and sexuality which is precisely why it has been shunned for so many centuries due to the repressive religious values of the masculine Patriarchal church fathers.

Divine Feminine energy, or Goddess energy, is a subtle yet immensely vital source of energy in our lives. Without it, we are out of touch with our bodies, our emotions, our dreams, and our mother earth. Without it, we live lives on the surface, pursuing empty goals, ego-centered ambitions and desolate values that are disconnected from the mystery, wonder and magic of life.

Without honoring and cultivating the divine feminine in our lives, we feel incomplete and eternally dissatisfied, pursuing paths that are destructive to the planet and toxic to those we love. Put simply, without acknowledging and nurturing the feminine energy within us, we are incomplete and our lives feel superficial.

Inspired by HeatherAsh Amara's inspiring book, I want to explore the process of embodying both the masculine and feminine in everyday life and how it can benefit you.


Only cultivating the divine feminine in our lives can also leave us imbalanced and incomplete. When we have too much Goddess energy in our lives we can spiral into chaos following self-destructive, emotionally reactive paths that leave us victim to any emotional whim we have, and any unkind impulse of others. In fact, too much Goddess energy can lead to addictions, self-pity and unhealthy identity roles like the Martyr Complex.

This is why we need to balance the God and the Goddess within us; the masculine and the feminine, the anima and the animus. This is where the Warrior Goddess comes into play.

The Warrior Goddess is a sacred mixture of the masculine and feminine. As the name suggest, the Warrior Goddess is both a holy blend of strength, iron-willed determination and courage, as well as receptivity, spirituality and tenderness. Both yin and yang are held in balance within the Warrior Goddess, or Nurturing God, and therefore a deep sense of wholeness, confidence and joy is felt.


Personally, a big part of my own journey towards reclaiming my power as a Warrior Goddess was accepting how extremely imbalanced a person I was both emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and sexually. As a young girl I grew up not only deeply entrenched in the Masculine-God values, beliefs and goals of society, but I was also profoundly indoctrinated since birth in a fundamentalist branch of Christianity. This Christian sect taught me that I had to save my virginity until marriage, be attracted to the opposite gender, have children, stay at home and cook, grow my hair long, wear dresses and skirts, stay dead silent in church, remain submissive to the preachers, and of course, stay faithful to God (who was of course depicted as a masculine being).

It wasn't until I met Sol and subsequently went through a massive, messy, life-changing process of metamorphosis that I discovered the beautiful, balanced paradox of who I am. I am both the sheep and the lion, I am the sun and the moon, I am fire and water, I am logical and emotional, I am sensitive and strong, I am a lover of males and females, I am the student of night and day.

I am a Warrior Goddess, and so are you. I know how hard it can be to embody this merging of two opposites, this energetic alchemy "“ but it is possible, and below I will give you a taste of how to rediscover this divine balance within you whether you are male, female or neither:


We all have stories that we tell about ourselves. I refer to these as "stories" because they all have a beginning, middle, and end, and are products of our memories, past experiences, religious indoctrination and cultural myths. For example, your story might be this: "My name is Jack. I'm a male who loves to binge on Netflix and go to soccer matches with my mates. I'm a guy's-guy and I don't really understand females apart from when I'm in bed with them." Or your story might be: "I'm Tori. I'm a quiet wife and mother of two who loves astrology. Although my boys don't really understand me, I sacrifice a lot for them and my husband. I'm a giver not a taker."

What gender-specific roles can you identify in your personal story that might be limiting? Examples could be that you're a guy's-guy, a girl's-girl, a nurturer, a business-man/woman, a mother, father, leader, etc. By identifying these gender-specific roles, and how dominant the male/female energy in your story is, you can open a doorway for growth.


Be honest and be truthful. What do you authentically want from life, other people, and yourself? Stop sitting in the backseat of life, and give yourself permission to take over the steering wheel for once. Yes, it is good to flow with life, but it is also good to be honest with yourself and other people about what you really want and need.


Sometimes it is necessary to put your foot down and be assertive in a respectful way. Most of us have trouble with wilfully, but gently, setting boundaries and pursuing what we love. If you have too much masculine energy you will come across as being domineering and aggressive. If you have too much feminine energy you will come across as being manipulative and passive-aggressive. How can you ignite your will in a healthy, balanced way?


Commitment involves utilizing the mind and the heart. The heart says, "I love this, I want to do this," the mind says, "This is wise, this is logical." When you commit to yourself on the Warrior Goddess path, you are committing to loving all that you are "“ both the light and dark elements, the nice and the nasty, the beautiful and the ugly. This is what true self-love is "“ not a funky, trendy, hipster form of self-aggrandizement "“ but a deep, painful, revolutionary acceptance of what it is that composes "you." So commit to loving yourself. This is the most fundamental building block of what creates a Warrior Goddess.


Honoring who you are on a deep sexual level is extremely difficult. We all carry with us centuries of ancestral guilt, depravity and repression. But the truth is that you are a sexual being, and being a sexual being is not "wrong," "dirty," or "immoral" as we have been so often taught. Instead, our sexuality carries an immense source of creativity, power and energy which is a potent force of nature, and literally motivates the majority of life on earth.

Exploring and embracing your sexuality can be a long, slow process, but its benefits are immense. For example, when I found out that I was sexually attracted to both males and females, I felt ashamed, confused and lost, not knowing what was "wrong" with me. But eventually I came to accept this as a beautiful part of the paradoxical diversity that forms my identity.

In your case, exploring, accepting and integrating your sexuality will not only help you to become a more confident, creative and centered person, but it will also help you to release the old chains of guilt and shame that might be holding you back from truly tasting the bliss of this life experience.


Warrior energy is fueled by inner strength, and this inner strength comes from self-responsibility. Self-responsibility is about "cutting the crap" that is self-pity, blame and avoidance, and getting proactive about your life. In this regard, the self-realized Warrior Goddess doesn't stand for long pity-parties, disempowering identity roles, or toxic environments. The Warrior Goddess doesn't think of him or herself as "lost," "victimized," or "trapped," but as raw, wild, and free "“ and woe to anyone who gets in the way of that!

Although you might be stuck in a rut right now, it is possible for you to be your own Savior. Don't expect anyone else to help you, but also don't be afraid to ask for help. You are the one you have been waiting for.


You hold within you the mysteries and wonders of the universe. And your life can be a testament to what it is to emerge from the telluric realms of the earth, to the bright sunlight of the day. You are a seed that is blossoming. Honor the process of your growth which comes in the form of hard lessons and painful life experiences. Let the damp earth of your life nurture you. Be prepared to grow, flourish and die, and all over again a thousand times. This is how you soulfully mature. This is an opportunity to embody your hard-earned "“ and already learned "“ wisdom.


You are the Mother and the Father; the lover and the beloved; the night and the day.

I want you to share with me below your own Warrior Goddess struggles, triumphs, realizations and advice. I read every comment. Also, if this article helped you in any way, please share it with a loved one who might benefit as well.

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