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Do You Really Need A New Job?

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Popular statistics say that we will change our career 7 times in our life. Sometimes we need it, and sometimes we don't. It's hard to identify when we should change our job. There are a lot of factors involved that should be considered – sometimes we feel like we really need a change and sometimes we lose focus of how lucky we are to have what we do. It's a serious issue for a lot of people and definitely worth the consideration. Some of us have worked at our job for many, many years. It's our life, socially and financially. Here are a few things to consider before making any crazy decisions.

If you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life.

Newspaper with hot topic "Changes Ahead" lying on office desk.1. Do you have it good?

When I was in my twenties I had a very good job. I didn't know how good it was, or how good I had it there, but I knew I was doing well for a boy in his early twenties. I went on with my savings to travel and enjoy my life after that , but when the going went tough afterwards it was when I really woke up and realized how good I had it. Although I enjoyed all the time I took off afterwards, nothing could rep lace the upward momentum I had at that first job. When I returned to work I was fortunate enough to retain my position and continue my progress – but with the humble realization that I had it much better than my peers. I was lucky to get my job back, and am still thankful to this day. It's the realization that's important.

2. Are you really having a bad day?

We all have bad days at work. Sometimes it's not even the work that's the problem; maybe we stubbed our toe before work and everything see med to go downhill after that, or we woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Before you feel like quitting your job, remember all the bad days you had, but take note of all the good days. The normal days where nothing special happened, or the great days where you made a customer very happy – these all outshine your bad days heavily. Remember that you will have bad days anywhere you go. If you have a job now, be grateful that you do and remind yourself that at least at this job you know how to handle the bad days like an adult.

3. Do you feel undervalued?

You have been working there for years, but you never feel like you have been given the respect you deserve, or the shifts you want. As you have become a staple of the store, you seem to have blended into the wallpaper as well. New employees are complimented on their learning efforts, and good work ethic is simply expected of you. Before you have a meltdown and quit your job, calm the steam and just talk to your supervisor. In an adult workplace, anything can be solved by acting like adults. Our brash emotions unfortunately don't stop in adulthood and we still have strong feelings throughout our life. Instead of acting impulsively by making huge, life changing decisions, have a small staff meeting with your peers & supervisors and let everyone help you release the steam. Your boss will applaud you for being open, and remember to support you at work. Ask for a raise if you feel like you deserve it. There's no harm in asking for anything.

4. Every job is a job

You have been working for years, and you are downright tired of it. Well, the reality is, you will also have to work for many more years! We're not allowed to stop, and when you do stop, trust me, it's not so pretty! Remember that if you are tired of your job and get a new one, that one will just be a job too. It will be a job with new bosses, new routines you may or may not like, new habits and new everything. But it will still be a job. If you are tired of your job now, just take a break. You can take a few weeks off – just ask. If that doesn't work, demand it. You're allowed to do that. Go somewhere for a bit, switch up your routine, do something exciting. But don't leave your job because trust me you will just become bored of the next one too. Just try to enjoy every day.

5. Be grateful for your job.

I know, you've been there for 11 years too long already. But make an effort to remind yourself that you are grateful you have that luxury. Some people are from countries that have populations of over 100 million, where overpopulation and unemployment issues are massive. In our country people also struggle to find jobs, and kids are certainly having a hard time too. Be grateful you have somewhere to call "work" and be proud of yourself for it. You worked for it.

6. Take pride in what you do.

If you can be proud of what you do, you will be happy at work everyday. Take pride in the satisfaction you give customers for your service (no matter how grumpy they can be) and take pride in the solutions you offer to customers and other employees. If you're proud at what you do, you are good at what you do, and if you are good at what you do, you are valuable. You are making a contribution to society and it is not going unnoticed. Thank you for that.

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