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More Powerful Than The Law of Attraction

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Something More Powerful Than the Law of Attraction

I have been using a great program over the last 2 years by a guy called Kads Adams.

When he claimed it was more powerful than the Law of Attraction, I thought 'Yeah right!, another big promise product', but I have to say the program is great.  Over that time I have become friends with Kads, he is after all a fellow Scot 🙂 but he also knows what he's talking about when it comes to The Law of Attraction.

One huge lesson I learned from this program is about the art of of using energy, intent and action, which this program explains really well, that for me made the whole program worth the cost alone, as it has helped me so much in my life, particularly my business life.

Here is a video he made about it, I think if you're a fan of LOA you'll love it.  if not, it's still very interesting to learn some of this stuff

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