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Steven Aitchison
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Okay, It’s finally here.   I have been working on this for about a week and I have managed to get it nearly the way I want it.   I have missed writing to get it finished and planned to launch it last night but there were a few issues with it.

There are still a few issues with it just now like the images are not displaying properly, but I have decided to launch it and fix the problems as they arise as I want to get back to writing as quickly as possible.

The old site looked like this Click here to view old site

changing_your_personalityThere’s still a lot of tweaking to do but I hope you’ll agree it’s a lot cleaner, meaner and easier to read.   I also wanted a great logo and to make the heading stand out a little more.

As you know I have been rethinking my blogging strategy over the last few weeks and have made some changes acording to my goal of reaching 10,000 subscribers by December 31st 2009.   I will be giving updates at the end of the month about that.

Let me know what you think so far

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