Monthly Income report for July 2012

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Monthly Income report July 2012

Welcome to my Monthly Income Report for July 2012

Over the course of the last 2 years, since I  took the blog seriously, I have been asked how I make income from the blog and have been asked to help others do the same.   Time constraints have stopped me from helping as many people as I would like to.

This report is not about showing off in any way it's a way to motivate others who are blogging to make money online.

I have to say it took me a hell of a long time to find my feet and really, it took 4 years to make any sort of regular income.   So this is not an easy route to take, but for me it's the love of writing, the love of helping others, and the love of money 🙂 that keeps me going.

Another thing to consider is I am still doing this on a part time basis, working maybe 5 hours per day with my online business, and working full time as an addiction worker.   Hopefully before the end of the year I will be working full time at this, but I've been saying that for a few years now 🙂

Thanks for all the great feedback, I hope you enjoy this months report.

What's New in July?

July was a good month in many ways.

New Office

I finally managed to get a new office in the house.  We have converted our garage to an office and after 3 months of trying to get planning permission etc, we finally got the work started and everything has now been completed.  For the last few months I have been unable to do my work in the mornings as the old office is being used as a bedroom for someone, as well as

being part used as my office.  Now that's all over and done with I can get back on track with the business.

New Products

I will be releasing two new products later in August.  The first one is called How to Calm a Dog.  The product came about as we have a mental dog named Kara, she's a bit hyperactive 🙂 As I was editing some files for another new product IsoMind  I noticed Kara would settle down.  It suddenly dawned on me that it was the Isochronic Tones I was playing and editing that was helping her to calm down.  After a few more experiments with her I realised I had a new product and quickly put up a web site and created a new product over at  How to Calm a Dog

The other product is called  IsoMind  which I'm just putting the finishing touches to.

Email marketing

I have now got into my stride with the email marketing and am promoting 1 new product per week, which is helping to bring in more affiliate income as well as offering some great products to readers of CYT.  I have had to turn down around $2,000 as I was asked to promote something I didn't think would be a good fit for readers of CYT and I would have lost a lot of credibility If I had promoted this product. But, I'd rather walk away with dignity than bag a few thousand extra for my pocket.

The Re-Awakening  

Sales of The Re-Awakening have been slow since we moved over to Clickbank, but myself and Angela are working on this and hoping to do some more marketing for it.

Google Ads
You'll have no doubt noticed the Google Adsense ads on the site.  I have been trying this out since June 21st.  July was the first full month where the ads were being shown.  It seems to be paying dividends as I have made around $1,100 this month and have had no complaints from readers about the ads.

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: Some of the links in these reports are affiliate links so if you buy them from me I will make a commission.   I totally appreciate it if you do and if you have any questions regarding the products please contact me.

Click on the names of the products to find out more information about them  Product Sales

  • Total Sales: $407.82  Product Sales

Amazon book sale royalties  (this includes Amazon Kindle and Createspace sales)

  •  Total sales $126.35

Google Adsense

  • Total income $1086.35
  • Ads on CYT – $585

Total Sales from Blog + Products = $3191.45

Affiliate Earnings

Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 – $50.01

Vision Without Glasses  – $530.00

Binaural Beats  – $2.36

Bring The Fresh (niche marketing) – $30.02 – $75.93

BriteLife Summit    – $16.45

Habit Busting Secrets – $141

Extrovert Me –  $50.40

Brain Bullet – $190.40

Jonathan Meads TrailBlazer Program – $248.50

Recreate Your Life Morty Lefkoe  – $197

Total affiliate income for the month = $1,532.07

Total Income for July 2012 = $4,723.52

Outgoings for May 2012

Split profits – $203.41

Affiliate payments – $656.35

Hosting + Domain registration – $208

Aweber – $270.00

Paypal fees – $80.50

Forum membership, software, plr products, outsourcing – $387.95

Total outgoings for July 2012 = 1,806.21  

Total Net Profit for July 2012 = $2,917.31  (last month  $1,416.75  ) + $1,500.56

Lessons learned This Month

I am now starting to get really tight on the business as a whole.  It seemed, in my mind, I had lots of little projects scattered all over the net and it was time to reel them all in, evaluate them and bring them in tighter together and make the process for buying, upselling, collecting emails etc even tighter.  That's what I'll be doing over the next few months now that I have got an office to work out of.

I can't help making new products.  As soon as I have an idea I have to act on it hence  How to Calm a Dog  and  IsoMind, but I realise on the whole it doesn't help to tighten the business.  Having said that I know what I am doing with regards to launching products and these two new products are very low key and I can get back to them at a later stage and start promoting them more.

Google adsense has great over the last month and I am glad I added it as another source of income.  Disregarding the money side of things, it has given me a boast in confidence to take steps in a new direction, (I'll be sharing that soon).

Another lesson learned is to make as many contacts as you can in your field and get your name known.  I am a natural introvert and tend to like working on my own without collaboration with others, however in business you have to force yourself to collaborate and get yourself known.  Doing JV email promotions has helped a lot with this and I've met some great people by doing this.  If you have a list make sure you collaborate with others to do JVs or sell solo ads if they are a good fit with your readers.

Hope that inspires you a little, or not 🙂

If you have any questions about making money from blogging just add a comment below and I will help as best I can.

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