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Five Must Have Abilities To Find Real Happiness

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Let's start with something more than the usual tried and true but dramatically ineffective programming that run our minds. Instead, how about you and I head towards the highly charged substance of our higher nature.   Each of us comes equipped with enough wisdom to truly liberate our lives. Yes, we can move past what has kept us stuck in the past or in fear about the future.

Below are five higher nature abilities with questions to ask yourself that will assist in their activation. When you explore them fully you will discover your life has dramatically upgraded. With that upgrade you get to sit in the preferred customer lounge of contentment, joy, love and the light of higher knowing.

6_questions_for_building_meaningful_successNow it is time to go exploring. Your task is to figure out how to move deeply into the following five abilities. You will be aided in that exploration by the following questions and ideas:

1.   Stepping Back – How do you impartially step back and observe yourself and your life? How will that better inform the important choices in your life?

Developing the ability to observe yourself is part of journey of awakening. When you can watch yourself without being pulled into the drama and the self-judging, you are free to know yourself at a more profound level.

2.   Observing Mindfully – What thoughts inside your brain are causing feelings that are misshaping your experience? What would be the benefit of not believing what you think?

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for living in awareness. As you understand what goes on in your mind, you can alter it in ways that fully charge your mental powers for creating results. Knowing your thoughts also allows you to shape how you feel.

3.   Being Present – Why is it important to live fully in the present? What methods do you use to quiet your mind and live in the now?

Living in the now is truly where all the possibilities of life reside. You can learn to be present as simply as following the cycle of your breath. Sense your body expand with the inhale and relax with the exhale – now you are present.

4.   Listening Intuitively – Why does ignoring your intuition often cause suffering? How can you listen inward and be guided to a more powerful expression of yourself?

Everyone has intuition. All you have to do is slow down and listen inward. There you will make contact with this wise inner voice waiting to guide you. If you pay attention you will avoid negative situations and you will create positive results.

5.   Contacting Your Soul – What do you know about the part of you that is infinite and eternal? How could you live in appreciation of your soul's ongoing presence?

There is within you a life force that existed before you were born and will continue after your body comes to its final rest. This eternal force is a brilliant presence within you. All you have to do is open to its guiding light.

As you explore these ideas, be patient with yourself. Enjoy the exploring you are doing.

You are an amazing human being. If you take the time to become aware of yourself, be compassionate, listen inward, and learn to step into the flow of wisdom waiting to show you the way, you can create the life you have always wanted to live. Happiness is the gift you receive for living in such alignment.

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