Mind Alchemy Day 21 – Another catch up day

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Mind Alchemy personal development courseToday is another catch up day.   A chance for everyone who is doing the course to get caught up with previous days or go over some of the previous days again.

You should now be doing 3 daily exercises: Your Outcomes from day 5, your relaxation from days 10 & 11 and your gratitude exercises from day 20.

It is important you practice the daily exercises as this will infuse your mind with thoughts of where you want to go, whilst relaxing helps with clearing your mind, and gratitude will help you become grateful for what you have in life.   All three exercises are very powerful and will help you in the long run.

How you have been doing

There has been some amazing feedback already within the group and it seems to be helping readers make a shift in their thinking and their daily lives.

I am grateful for all the participation on the blog and in the Mind Alchemy Facebook group, which is very lively, and what a great bunch of people to work with.

I am glad I made this course a social event, I think without the social aspect it wouldn't have been as fun, or as effective as it has been.

I also expected a big drop off rate, which is normal for courses like this.   I have calculated that there are around 70 – 90 readers actually doing the exercises daily, which is around 10-12% of the original 700 who put their hands up to join.   Looking at the stats there are around 120 – 140 daily downloading the exercise sheets, so there are a few silent participants, so all in all I would say there is around 15% of the original readers doing some or all of the course.   Thanks you so much for your participation so far, and I look forward to your feedback, testimonials, and video reviews at the end of the course.

Next course

I will be running a new course either at the beginning of April or the beginning of May, which will give me time to get feedback from everyone doing the course just now.   That way I can put the course together in the form of a course book (ebook) and daily journal.   These will be downloadable and there will be a forum for all new participants.

The new course will only be charged at $49 and not $79 as originally planned, I will also make it available to listen to via mp3 but this will be a higher price tag of $59.

If you've any thoughts at this stage to make the course better I would love to hear from you.

Previous days

Below is a list of the previous days in case you have missed any of them.

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Your thoughts

For those of you who have completed all the exercises and been practising daily it would be good to know if there has been a shift for you already, and it would be even better if you could share it below with a comment or share in the Mind Alchemy Facebook group

It's always good to gauge what you think about the course so far and if you have any questions please ask them on this post and I can clarify anything you'd like me to

You can share your thoughts at Mind Alchemy Facebook Group

You can Tweet using the hashtag #MindAlchemy

Or of course you can leave a comment below


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