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Learning to Live Your Authentic Life

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5 Tips To Start Living Your Authentic Life Right Now

One of the things you hear often in the world is that nothing is true, that everybody makes their own reality or that everything you see and experience is false. These ideas have some grounding in truth, but are often a misinterpretation of what is actually going on.

If everyone's idea of reality is different and unique, it is a valid question to ask how can anybody ever be thinking the same things. Or for that matter, how can we share ideas or even communicate with each other if everybody sees things differently.

authentic_lifeAnd what does that idea have to do with being authentic in our lives?

Let's look at a picture in our minds for a moment. The Universe as a big ball, kind of like a giant beach ball, and if we were drawing this on a piece of paper it would look like a big circle. Everything that is in the Universe is inside this circle, and because there is nothing that is not in the Universe, there is nothing outside of the circle.

That means we are each in the circle, and so is the dog that lives down the street, the hamburger stand over across town, the moon and every single thought, feeling and idea we have. All in this big circle that is the Universe.

So we do all have some commonality to begin with in that we are all there in this Universe.

Now take a look at this big circle in your mind's eye and see it as a clock face. The kind with hands, and the numbers around the edge, not the microwave kind of digital clock.

We are all indeed contained inside this Universe, but some of us are over by the 12 on the clock face and some of us are over by the 3, some are in the spot where we would be seeing that it is 9:30 and some are closer to the center of the circle, not really next to a number at all.

We are all still in the Universe, but we each have our own unique spot to view the Universe from. That is one of the things that makes living here so very cool.

Being authentic has a lot to do with our own unique viewpoint of the world. You are indeed always a part of the Universe but you also have your own little spot where you are the only one who is having an experience there. You can share your ideas, the best way you can, but it is still yours to experience.

The truth is, you are already living your own unique life. Being authentic has to do with the realization that you are indeed living this way and are deciding to do this in the simplest way possible. So here are some things you can do and think that could help you feel your own authenticity in a way that makes you feel good.

1. Be willing. This is where it all begins for stepping into your own authenticity. It is the understanding that your view of the world is yours "“ and nobody else anywhere can possibly understand exactly what you are thinking and feeling. You are made up of billions of little moving cells and energy patterns and emotions. Constantly shifting and never at rest. Nothing wrong with that, it is simply a description of how the Universe is put together.

Your own idea of how you are thinking and feeling is yours "“ it is the authentic part of you and being willing to accept this as true and being willing to live with this kind of understanding is the first step to living an authentic life all the time.

2. Let go. After being willing to accept that you are already living your own unique and authentic life, the next step is to let go of the parts of you that you are trying to pretend are the real, authentic you. Think about it like going to the mall for Christmas shopping. You shop and shop all day, fun to be sure, but there are only so many things you can purchase and carry around before you have to go out to the car and leave some there.

And once you have safely stowed them away in the trunk of your car, you are free to pick up some more things you really want. But you can only hold so many ideas or thoughts or feelings at any one time. It is very satisfying to have the ones that are really you, the things you feel in your heart of hearts. Those are the ones you want to be carrying around with you on a daily basis. You can quite safely let got of those things you learned as a child that no longer serve you, that make you feel bad and that distract you from being the way you know you authentically are.

3. Next is exploring. This is where you travel around the clock face on a journey to see if   another viewpoint might serve you better in your new found outlook on life. It is indeed your viewpoint that makes you feel authentic and it is also your viewpoint to change if that is what you want to do. Nothing says you have to do this, but for many people who are starting to recognize their own authenticity, this is an important step.

You are free to grab hold of the minute hand of clock as it swings around past you and let it carry you halfway around the clock face of the Universe if you like. A new viewpoint, a new set of thoughts, new people to talk with, new places to see, and then you allow those things in that fit with your own newly unboxed ideas of yourself and see what fits. You might very well decide to take another ride on the clock hands back to where you started, and that is OK because it is your very own authentic life you are living.

And you get to choose for yourself.

4. Next is pausing. The idea that it is alright to take a few minutes, or days, or weeks to internalize your new found ideas of who your authentic self really is. This means that before you start talking about it with your friends or posting on Facebook or sending out emails to everyone in your address book, that you contemplate what your new knowledge means in your heart.

Our experience of our modern world is often that it is filled to the very brim with noise, chatting, texting, TV, radio, cell phones and every other thing under the sun to connect us together.   We forget that authentic meaning is made in the quietness of our hearts when we are quiet and still ourselves. Nothing wrong with connecting with others, but there is also nothing wrong with connecting the parts or ourselves together either. In fact, you will always connect with others in a way that mirrors how you are inside. If you have discovered something new about yourself or uncovered something old that you had forgotten; they will know.

And it is OK for you to know that as well.

5. The last step of beginning your authentic realization is to speak authentically in a positive way. The Universe really only works with things that are, it does not work with things that are not. Imagine going to the ice cream shop for a treat and trying to order what you want by telling the clerk all the things you do not want. You could very well be there all day and night listing the flavors you don't want before you say the one that you do want.

How much simpler to start with what you do want. And that is the crux of being authentic in your life "“ saying what you want and how you are. Let go of the idea that you can identify how your life is by describing what it is not. Leave that for the party games, and live your authentic life with the knowledge that you are completely capable of choosing for yourself what it is you do want.

Learning to live an authentic life is well worth your time and energy. You will wind up carrying less luggage from your past when you realize that you have the choice to put it down by the side of your road. You are then free to choose your own new luggage if you like, or not. Maybe you want your life to be free of valises, suitcases and steamer trunks altogether. No problem.

It is in fact, your very own life to decide what to carry around with you and where to carry it.

In your own authentic way.

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