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How To Live More Intuitively & Deliberately Design A Prosperous Life

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We have been taught to always live from logic, reason, systems, strategies. This is what I call living from experience, rather than inspiration. And for all the increase in knowledge all over the world, are you happier? More content? More fulfilled? We now hear more of younger and younger people succumbing to depression and suicide than ever before in our western societies.

Maybe, just maybe it is time to consider a different way"¦

A way that we are being called to in the very essence of our being…

A more intuitive way.

I personally have been on a journey into deeper spirituality since I was about 6 or 7. Unfortunately, I took many steps off the deliberate path as I bought into the teachings and fears of people older than me. I learnt to stop trusting my own innate wisdom and I started depending on all I could gather from outside of me but none of it soothed the hunger I felt inside; The hunger to be fully self-expressed and the hunger to be connected intimately to the Divine, to my creator.

Deep within each of us, is a knowledge that we are here for a reason, a feeling that there is more to us than meets the eye, a search for that place in life that we belong to and in all of that is a desire also to live a great, loving prosperous life.

I personally believe it is possible to live in that place of connection, calling, clarity and abundance. however, it may demand that we try doing life a little differently from what we are used to.

Here are a few thoughts for you"¦


Most people rush into the day. They may be pulled out of their beds by their children, their partners, the alarm clock. They spend no time deliberately designing their day or deliberately connecting to Source for intuitive guidance through the day. They feel harried, pulled and pushed in many directions and anything but prosperous and at peace.

You may not want to be "˜most' people.

Choose to carve out some time at the start of each day, even 5 minutes to reconnect to the Divine. Feel yourself as part of something big – You contain the same power that created the whole universe, the parts we know of and the parts we do not know of. Remind yourself of your ability to create. Remind yourself of the fact that you are powerful and also connected to Source. Feel unlimited energy flowing through you and out of you, connecting with everyone you will meet and impact that day.

If you have more time, journal out what you choose to create with your life and see it happening, see it done. Ask for support in bringing this vision to life. Recognise that the vision you carry was created into you and so it is your permission to create it. You do not need to wait any longer. All you need to do is decide that you will create it and ask for guidance on the next step to take, rather than just continuing to do what you have always done because you have always done it that way.


You may have been brought up with certain religious beliefs that created a sense of guilt, unworthiness, shame within you. In order to fully live to your true design and be prosperous in all areas of life, you may have to question and break up with certain ideas that stifle you.

This is not always the easiest thing to do as you may have fears about hell and other random punishments. However, maybe that belief is the first to be questioned. Do you believe that love really is all-powerful? Would love punish you for all eternity? or is forgiveness, acceptance more the way of love? Sometimes, looking unflinchingly at what we have believed can cause us to shift ideas that no longer support our spiritual and personal growth. Dare to do it.

Dare to rise above your past ideas and see truth. It is the truth, after all, that will set you free. And if you are not feeling particularly free at the moment, then maybe, just maybe, you are believing some lies.


Some call it energy or vibration and in some ways, those things are different and yet, the same. Do you always feel down in the dumps? Do you expect things to stay pretty much the same with this low level depression hanging over you? Do you wake up feeling blue and bored with life?

That is usually the result of an unconnected life, lived only from experience.

Learning how to shift your mood, your energy will result in you experiencing better things from life. Some say that they will be happy and at peace when they have a reason to be happy and at peace. However, it always works the other way. You have to choose in the midst of whatever circumstances you find yourself in, to be happy and at peace and then the things you desire will find their way to you because finally, you are vibrating at a level aligned to them.

They can see you now.

While you live in a low level mood all the time, it is as though you are invisible to the more prosperous things of life. And you can choose differently. So take back responsibility for your mood and raise that vibration deliberately.

These are 3 ideas to help you create a more intuitive and prosperous life. Which one will you work with first?

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist feeling the life force draining from her as she daily did work that did not fulfill her. She chose to find a different way, started up successful businesses, left pharmacy and now supports other in making the transition to a more free, fulfilled, abundant and love based existence (The Deliberate Life). Find out more by downloading a free copy of her Amazon Bestselling Book - THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE FREEDOM BOOK at