Law of Attraction – Is it a gimmick

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Alex Shalman and I have started a cross blog conversation where we will discuss topics on personal development. I spoke to Alex a few nights ago about possible topics for the conversation and the topic of the 'Law of Attraction' came up.

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Basically Alex asked me if I thought the 'Law of attraction' is a gimmick.

law_of_attraction_2First off I would like to say that I can understand why a lot of people are sceptical about the 'Law of attraction'. I think this is because of the rather cheesy way that the film 'The secret' came across and the books by Esther Hicks are a bit 'out there'. Taking away all the hype and the cheesiness of the films and books out there, the underlying principle that our thoughts literally control and lives and the energy around is something I wholeheartedly believe in and something I practice every single day of my life and something I teach my children.

I don't think it is a gimmick, but what I do think is the way that it is being marketed just now puts a lot of people off the idea that our thoughts control the energy around us. I believe the energy around us can touch other people a few feet away or a few thousand miles away which is where 'the attraction' part comes in.

Alex, do you have any personal stories or any anecdotes where the 'Law of Attraction' has worked for you?

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