Inspiration and Bathing

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Motivation and Inspiration are just like bathing.   You need to do it on a regular basis.

There are a lot of people who are a bit cynical when it comes to inspirational material. Be it a video, book or seminar. The argument I tend to hear is that it's artificial, it doesn't last. You can get all pumped up but then it fades away, and you're back to where you started.

And I agree!  Motivation is temporary.  Inspiration is fleeting.  So is bathing.

But you don't hear of anyone going around claiming that bathing is a scam!  (At least not where I live…)  We do it on a regular basis to feel clean, fresh, healthy and presentable. Motivation is the same. We need it on a regular basis to be at our best. To refocus, to be fresh.

My Great Discovery

When I discovered the world of personal growth about 13 years ago, I was SO excited. It was a discovery because I had never really known about it before. I didn't know there were books, companies and an entire industry around it. I remember reading that first book   – "Success At Life: How To Catch And Live Your Dream" "“ right there in front of the book shelf where I found it.   Standing up, I read through the entire book. I was entranced, mesmerized. As if I had found something I didn't even realize I had been searching for my whole life.

I felt peace, hope, inspiration, aspiration, and joy, all at the same time. I took the book to the register and bought it. Then I went and sat down on one of their couches and started reading it again from the beginning.

That started a journey that I'm still on today. Still learning, still growing. Still making mistakes…

Early on, I spent thousands of dollars on a package of personal growth seminars. I spent more money on airplane tickets and hotel rooms. And I loved attending! While I was there, I felt focused an powerful. I felt like I could accomplish everything and anything. And I loved being around all those like minded people.

I went to all those seminars over the course of several years. And while I learned a lot, I would be confused how there was no lasting effect. I'd go back to my regular life after each one, and the high would last a week or two. Then gradually fade. By the time the next seminar rolled around, I would pretty much be back at square one. In a rut and not wanting to go. It was a good thing I bought the package and booked all the trips in advance, because it made me have to go.

And when I would get to the next seminar, I'd realize how desperately I needed the inspiration to reenergize me.

An Investment vs. A Purchase

It wasn't till much later that I realized it was natural for the affects to fade. I wasn't broken, going to a seminar to get 'fixed'. I was taking a mental bath, and getting fresh and clean! And just like a regular bath, I was going to get dirty again. My mistake was thinking I could go once and that's all I needed. I expected these seminars to be one time purchases as opposed to ongoing investments. You buy a car, but you still have to invest time and money into maintaining it so you get the most out of it.

Personal growth is the same. It's an investment. There's no magic pill. You have to do regular maintenance to maximize your returns.

Even with the workshops, seminars and meetings that I attend to inspire and energize myself, I still look for inspiration daily. I read every morning – just 10-15 pages. I bookmark articles and videos online to watch later. They take just 2-3 minutes to read but the affects last the entire day.

When you think about it, it's such a simple concept and it makes sense. To think that one good book or one great seminar will provide you inspiration and motivation for the rest of your life or even the rest of the year, it's as ridiculous as think that one meal and one glass of water is all the nutrition and fuel your body needs for the same period of time.

On the contrary, we should drink throughout the day and most people have several meals throughout the day.   What about what we're feeding our mind and how often?

And it doesn't matter what you're doing with your life and what your goals are. It doesn't matter. We all need constant mental nutrition. That's why all religions and spiritual practices incorporate prayer and meditation.   Because it works and it's necessary.

Motivation & Inspiration Are Universal

I have a blog for my internet marketing business, where I teach my students and readers how to build their business online. 90% of the articles are related to internet marketing.   But what I found was that I would be including articles on motivation, focus, productivity, and inspiration. I would write those articles when those topics were on my mind. When I felt that I needed to remind and refocus myself.

I was worried they would be out of place at first, on an internet marketing blog. But what I quickly realized was that they fit right in. Inspiration fits perfectly into the life of an entrepreneur. And so I created a separate section on the blog for those articles and I'll continue adding to it. For myself as much as for the readers.

It works, plain and simple.  Try it and see the difference it makes in your daily mind set through the course of the year. Just create a book mark folder and call it Inspiration or Motivation or whatever you want. Find a couple of sites (such as this one) and bookmark them. Whenever you come across an article or video that really pumps you up, save it in that folder. If you find something that you don't have time for, save it in that folder and check it out later.

Create your own 'library' just as you would create a library at home.   It can change your life.

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