If You Want to Be Happy Stop Doing These 8 Things

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Happiness is a cherished goal for each of us. We all want to be happy, but how do we achieve happiness on a daily basis? It's easy; simply remove all that extra unnecessary baggage from your life.

Very often, the way to achieve happiness in your personal and professional life is to re-examine your work-life balance and to subtract from one side of the equation, instead of trying to add to the other side of the equation. For example, imagine what would happen if you removed certain things from your everyday life.

So, Stop Doing These 8 Things:

1. Stop Putting the Blame on Others

People will make mistakes. Employees will fail to meet your expectations, friends will fail to show up on time, et cetera, et cetera.   And then you blame them for your problems.

Perhaps, the fault is on your side and maybe you should ask yourself some questions. Did you instruct your employees clearly? Did you confirm that they understood your instructions? Did you emphasize and confirm the time for your meeting? Were you asking for more than they could reasonably deliver (both employees and friends)?

You should take responsibility, instead of blaming others. This is not masochistic, but rather it gives you power. It means you can focus on doing things in a better and smarter way next time.

And when you become smarter and do things better, then you will have a greater sense of self-fulfillment, which will make you feel happier.

2. Stop Trying to Control Others

Yes, you are the boss. Yes, you are a captain of industry. Yes, you are the little tail that wags the big dog.

You might think that you can control others. However, the only person, who is really within your control is yourself. If you are trying to control other people, then you have already decided that you, your goals, your dreams and your opinions are more important than theirs. In these situations your control will not last very long. And usually it involves you imposing your authority by some kind of fear or tension. None of these things will make you feel as good as if people did things for you of their own will. And that will make you happy.

3. Stop Interrupting People

Interrupting people is rude. Furthermore, when you do it, you are actually saying, "You are not interesting. I am not trying to understand what you're saying. I might hear you but I have already decided what I want to say and do. "

Do you want to build relationships that last? Then you should listen to others and try to understand their point of view. By putting yourself in other people's skin, your relationships with others will start giving you more joy and a sense of happiness.

4. Stop Sticking to Familiar Habits

When you are afraid or you are unsure what to do, you will stick with what you know. We all do this for emotional security, even when we know that the familiar response is not going to be the right one. An old expression for this is "it's better to deal with the devil you know".

However, your resulting emotional security is not happiness; it is simply a lack of fear or a lack of uncertainty. This might be okay for you, but it will not make you happy. If you face your fear and try to find what you really need, then you are much more likely to feel happier afterwards.

Even if you do not achieve the desired result, you will feel better for having faced up to your insecurity and for trying to fix it.

5. Stop Whining

Your words have power and an effect on people. Especially on yourself. If you are constantly complaining about your problems, it will make you feel worse, not better. Instead of whining, apply the same effort to trying to make things better.

6. Stop Trying to Impress Other People

Nobody likes you for the clothes you wear, or the expensive car you drive, or the important management position you hold. These are just "things." People may like or not like these things, but these things will not influence whether they like you for yourself or not. It is much better to be true to your nature. Stick to what makes you happy. The people around you will recognize the real you, so stop trying to impress them, and be yourself.

7. Stop Criticizing Others

Yes, you have a better education. Yes, you have more experience. Yes, you have climbed more mountains and slain more dragons. That does not mean you are smarter or better than others. It just makes you the person that you are.

Try to appreciate other people for their differences. You will see them and yourself in a better light.

8. Stop Being Afraid To Take That First Step

We can all be afraid – of what might happen, of what we cannot change, of what we might not be able to do. Instead, it is easier to hesitate and wait for the right time. Meanwhile, days, months and years pass by and we live in our dreams.

Do not let fear control you and take hold of you. Whatever you have in mind, start working towards that goal today! Take the first step and the rest will come gradually. Do something now – whatever it is. You will be happier.

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