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If Work is Crap "“ What Are You Doing About it?

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Out of all the people you know, how many actually say they like, or love, their jobs? I would think it's far more common to hear people complain about their work than to hear them raving about it. Question is, if your work is crap, what are you doing about it?

Complaining, criticising and condemning are not going to help you improve your life or work. All these can change, as you change your thoughts, and decide to take action for what you do not like.

Work is Crap or Life is Crap?

Take time to contemplate your life. Is your life crappy now or is it your job? It is always easy to blame your job for other parts of your life that is not working well. My theory is that work takes up a big part of your waking hours, hence you conclude that must be the reason you are unhappy. Look around you, what are the parts that you feel need improvement? If you work on the areas of your life that are not going well you will feel better about your work.

Spring Clean Your Life

You take out the trash from your house everyday. Do you take the trash out from your life?

Spring clean your life. Look in all the nooks and cranny. Take a day and do nothing but write down everything you want to do and need to do, your dreams and your fears. Absolutely everything.

Even the smallest things like change the light bulb and get stamps for postcards you have been wanting to send for ages. The idea is to clear your mind and sort out your life. The exercise itself is empowering. For one, you will see clearly what needs to be done. What's that got to do with work? When you start to write, inevitably, you will confront the issues in your life and your work. It crystalises the issues for you.

Are You Blinded by Your Own Arrogance?

Very often people are blinded by their own arrogance. They like to point their fingers elsewhere when in fact they may be the source of the problem. Let me give you an example; your issues at work, how much of it is contributed by your own flaws? To be fair to others, when you point your fingers at others three are pointing back at you. Look within; are there things you can improve?

Do You Set Goals?

I am a big fan of goals. You won't know where to score if you do not know where the goal posts are, do you? Set goals. That becomes your target and it allows you to positively focus the time and energy instead of wasting your energy complain and lamenting about the unfairness of things at work. Write down all your goals at work and in life. When you write down and read your work and life goals they will form a meaning and suddenly it will become clear to you what you need to do.

Give Up, Give In, Give Away

You are always asked to add things to your life. Enhance this, add this and increase that. It seems like your problems will go away if you just add. But life can also be easier if you subtract.

How can you do this? Ask yourself this; are there things you can give up? For example, bad habits or a certain type of food or drinks.

Can you give in? Allow someone else to win an argument. Most times these are so small that in two days time you may not even remember what it is. The next time someone argues with you, say "you are right." And watch what happens.

Are there things you can give away? Learn not to be so attach to your material things. Money is one of the things most people are very attached. Learn to be more charitable than you already are now. See how much you will learn to appreciate the feeling of detachment.

No doubt, some of you will be holding work that is truly crappy. But that does not mean it has to have a major effect on other parts of your life. Your work life will improve as you clean up your life, learn to focus on being more positive and begin to be more productive.


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