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How To End Self Sabotage Once And For All

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I am worthy, and I am worth it should be a part of everyone's daily mantra. That small yet powerful sentence is the catalyst to eliminating self-sabotage.   Self-Sabotage is a deliberate limitation placed upon yourself to prevent you from moving forward. Let's take a journey together and discovery some reason why one would self-sabotage.

First Things First If you are reading this I want you to know firsthand that it is okay to get real honest with yourself and be open to whatever you may find, even if it is something that you may not like. There is a quote that states "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off." ~Gloria Steinem. This is your time to totally get pissed off and add major value to your life at the same damn time. I believe that in awareness no one can fool you. When you choose to make an honest assessment, and identify your core beliefs and desired feelings you are two steps closer to masterminding the imposed self-undermine.

691c4a68-b57d-4719-8a70-cfced43c1977Have you found yourself exhibiting self-sabotaging behaviors?   I played that role in my life many of times, let me give you some examples and if this sounds familiar share this post with a friend.

Engaging in drama
Saying yes when you really meant hell no
Missing appointments
Missing deadlines
Unhealthy Relationships
Getting Sick in order to avoid
Passive/ Aggressive Behaviors
Negative Self Talk

And the list goes on…..all of these examples will leave one unfulfilled and in pain. This is not a reason for you to stay in the same place; life gives us choices and unlimited opportunities to change the course of our journey.

Let's change directions, and move forward. Here are a few ways to end self-sabotage once and for all.   If you're up to it take this a step further and create some points of your own.

Create a list of your behaviors

Deal with old wounds– make a conscious choice to put it all out there, everything that affected you in the past needs to be addressed with acknowledgment, forgiveness, and a blessing. Allow yourself to release the emotional need to hold on to the hurt of your past life, it has served its purpose and it can only be for the betterment of yourself.

Create a needs versus want assessment

Question the fear– ask yourself the necessary questions that will give you a deeper answer. We live in a world of topical fixes which only creates a scab over a deeper wound. Create time to focus on your priorities that will bring you extreme inner peace, and healing

Don't limit yourself– you live in a yes universe and have total control over your life. Remove the need to have another person opinion be the catalyst to you making a move.

Embrace pivotal moments with a renewed perspective– this allows you to develop a healthy mindset and helps you to create that in which you wish existed.

Now is your time to do the hard work of self-discovery and begin to believe in your abilities. You are all powerful and there is so much waiting you on the other side of fear, I am hand in hand with you as you take the leap to pursue your dreams. Tell me one new action that you are taking to know longer self sabotage here in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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