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5 Laws of Happiness That You Might be Forgetting

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Happy  means so many different things to everybody. For a young woman, it may mean her boyfriend giving her an engagement ring. For a senior, it may be the sounds of the little footsteps of their grandchildren. And for some of us, it may be moving into a bigger house or getting a new car that will make us happy.

Happiness comes in many shapes, sizes, colours and things.   Some strive for happiness and do whatever they think it will take to get happy. Go on diets, get Botox to look more beautiful, try to please everyone else, buy more stuff. All of us want to be happy. Sadly though, many of us are looking to the wrong things to get there. It's not the things that are a round us, it's not the people in our lives, it's not the latest crazy adventure we just went on.

Nope, happiness is none of that. All those things are temporary fixes. They make us smile for the moment, maybe a day, a week, maybe even a month, but when the novelty wears off, so does the bought happiness.

So why are we still missing the mark on happiness? Why do so many people still walk around seeking happiness?

1. Happiness is an inside job.

How many times have you heard that? I'll say it over and over again because it's so true. Happy is an emotion that you control, not your outer circumstances. Things can make you happy temporarily but you can't just keep buying things to keep you happy. One day they will mean nothing, you'll be out of money and have too many things. All the happiness you can ever need or want is inside of you right now. You just have to bring it to life.

2. Experiences bring joy.

Bringing flowers to a lonely senior in an old folk's home, volunteering at a homeless shelter, nursing a puppy back to health. It's little experiences like this that will bring you the greatest joy and ultimately give you great happiness. These things don't cost tons of money and the reward you receive is the smile you get from people, strangers, who you have helped. You will never soon forget that. That's happy right there.

3. Break the chains that bind you.

As soon as you release all binds to toxic people and situations, the sooner you will be free and freedom turns into happiness. For some of us, it seems difficult, almost impossible to let go of the toxic people in our lives but in order to be blissfully happy you have to. It's a must. They do not serve you at all. You don't owe them anything and all they are doing is robbing you of your bliss.

4. Get out of your comfort zone.

If you want more happiness you have to get a little braveness on, and start doing things you keep talking about. Too often we hold ourselves back from living our dreams because fear and comfort stop us. You have to try new things and be a little daring sometimes to find out if you love something or not and the thought of jumping out of your box will most likely scare the shit out of you but in the end the result will be so worth it. Rip off the box top and chase dreams. Happiness awaits you.

5. Everything is temporary.

Bad things and good things. Life. Everything is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Remember that. Whatever pain or frustration you are experiencing now that is keeping you from happiness will eventually go away. Don't hold on to hurt or anger or frustration for longer than you have to. The storm will pass and happiness will be yours for the taking. The longer you hold onto negative emotions, the longer it will take for happiness to come over you again. Let stuff go. It's going to be ok. Don't fret too much over things.

In order to get through life easily you can't take everything so seriously all the time. Relax, enjoy and embrace each moment. All of them. Smile at life and life will smile right back at you.

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