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How to Be the Most Attractive Person in the Room

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We all wish we could be like the most attractive person in the room.

We see how he or she sashays around mesmerizing the crowd with every breath and movement taken. Gosh, if only that was the way for all of us. If only I could be confident. If only I could be that attractive! I used to think this way myself. Growing up as a painfully shy introvert, confidence was not my strong suit. I was terrified of large and small crowds alike, and never seemed able to attract any lasting attention. Who could have guessed that today I would be a life coach and speaker to young women, consistently capturing their undivided attention?

Not me.

But, as I grew older and learned more about confidence and attractiveness, I realized that they were not just inborn gifts only a select few got to enjoy. In reality, they are skills that any person (you, me, and the gal down the street) can learn at any time, and practice in any room. Ever since I found out this secret, I've been able to boost my confidence and become more attractive in several areas of my life that I never thought possible. And now I'm going to share the components of the secret with you. Here are 3 easy ways for you to exude confidence and become the most attractive person in any room:


1.       Stand Erect

Don't slouch. Your body language speaks volumes. The way you treat and move your body is a direct reflection to others of how you value yourself. If you slouch and keep your head bent low, you are indirectly telling people that you don't feel good about yourself and you don't feel you belong in their environment. If you stand erect, you are telling people that you deserve to be there as much as the next guy/gal and you are aware of the value you provide to the people in the room. Folks will be much more willing to pay attention to what you have to say if you look like you appreciate and value yourself.

2.       Look people in the eye

It is a natural tendency for most people to look down or look away when talking to someone. The problem is that this habit is terribly off-putting for others. Averting your eyes gives the illusion that you have something to hide or that you consider yourself inferior to the person you're in a conversation with. Look people squarely in the eye when you talk to them. Let them know that you are interested and engaged in the conversation, and that you consider yourself of equal footing to them (it doesn't matter if they have a higher social position or make more money). This will impress them and make them much more interested in listening to what you have to say.

3.       Stop acting like a know-it-all

No one likes a know-it-all. The greatest sign of a lack of confidence is when someone pretends to know everything about a subject and/or refuses to admit the things he/she doesn't know. This gives you an air of false pride and makes you look less competent and trustworthy, which are not considered attractive qualities. A truly attractive person admits when they've made a mistake or don't know much about a topic. A truly confident person is aware of his/her significance and does not require validation from people to prove personal worth/value to others. As a confident and attractive person, you share what you know and what you don't know, you remain open and willing to learn. Your grace in this situation will cause people to admire you as an honest and relatable human being, which will make them much more drawn to you.

Truth: Anyone can become attractive. Your level of attractiveness depends on the level of self-acceptance and confidence you exude. If you want to appear more attractive to the people you come in contact with at school, at work, at conferences, etc., then you need to become mindful of your body language and the energy you convey. If you make the practices listed above habits in your life, I guarantee you will notice a spike in how attractive you become to the people around you. Can you imagine how great it will feel to finally become your most attractive self? Trust me, it feels amazing.

You don't have to imagine any longer. You can start being attractive and feel amazing now.

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