How I Got 4111 Subscribers In 6 months – A-List Blogging Bootcamp

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I am promoting Leo Babauta's,, A-List Blogging Bootcamp as I truly believe it was a catalyst in my own blog rising from the ashes to where it is now, and where it is heading for the future.

In August 2009 I had 3,200 subscribers (roughly) and I made a promise to myself: that I would go all out to get have 10,000 subscribers by December 2009.   I didn't reach that target but I increased my subscriber rate by 112% in only 5 months.   Previously I had been gaining 88 subscribers per month.   The last 6 months I have increased my subscriber rate by an average of 679 per month.   Now that figure is impressive in any language.   I'm not blowing my own trumpet here, I want to tell you one of the reasons this has happened.

Two Words:

Leo Babauta

I joined Leo Babauta's A-List Blogging Bootcamp back in August 2009 and it gave me the impetus, the knowledge and allowed me to network with a special group of people in my field.

The bootcamps were just that, 10 days of amazing information by way of PDF's, emails, podcasts, a forum where we could chat to other members and get help, and of course a daily visit via U-Stream TV and a chat function with Leo Babauta.   Leo and Mary Jaksch (who handles the running of the course) also gave critiques and showed members how to improve their blog.   This was invaluable and my blog was duly changed in August 2009 and I haven't looked back since.

The course does not focus on subscribers, I only speak about this because subscriber rate is measurable, the course also looks at:

  • Psychology of subscribing
  • Anatomy of killer content
  • Usability
  • How to write your about page
  • How to craft great headlines
  • The art of guest posting
  • How to promote your blog

How to Make Your Blog Pay The Bills

This is the new bootcamp that Leo and Mary are hosting and it promises to be a great one and looks at how you can make money from your blog.   In the upcoming Bootcamp they'll look at how to create a career on the back of your blog. They'll examine in detail how to create a decent -or even outstanding "“ income, as well as how to lift your profile so that you become an expert in your readers' minds.

There is so much more than this planned for the new bootcamp and so much that I have left out here as it wouldn't be fair to Leo if I told you everything that was going to be in the course.

The reason I tell you this is because Leo is hosting another Bootcamp:   How to Make Your Blog Pay The Bills from May 16 – 20 2010 and it promises to be bigger and better than the one I was on.

Leo is offering his FREE ebook 'How I Got 150,000 Subscribers' which is itself a great read.   You will get to read how Leo got started and how he shot up the ladder to blogging fame.

People who know me know I rarely promote anything in my blog posts, but I honestly feel if you are a blogger and are struggling to get to the next level you will gain a hell of a lot from it.

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