How Far Off Are You From Achieving Your Dreams?

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I'd like to share a story that I heard from Tony Robbins, and I heard someone at my toastmasters group sharing it with the group the other night, and thought it would be a great story to share with you.

I've changed the story a little, but the message is exactly the same.

The Golf swing

Whilst out with a group of friends, Sharon, took up the challenge of learning the game of golf.   She'd always wanted to play, but never really had the gaul to go out and join a club.

One of her friends was a member of the local club and invited her for a round of golf, and Sharon was delighted to accept.   That was it! Sharon was hooked and duly joined the club and got right into the game of golf.

A few months later she was still playing, but just couldn't get the ball to go straight down the fairway, no matter what stance she used or how much she changed her swing, the ball would always go 50 ft to the left, or 50 ft to the right, it just wasn't happening for her.

Being a bit of a perfectionist she was ready to give up the game of golf.

Whilst playing one day, one of the clubs golf coaches happened to see her playing, and noticed her frustration at not being able to hit the ball straight.   He spoke to her about this.   She advised she was so far off being able to hit the ball straight that she was ready for giving up.   The golf coach advised ;

"˜You're only 2 millimetres away from hitting the ball perfectly.'

"˜2 Millimetres! that's impossible!   How can I be 2 millimetres when the ball is going left or right 50 ft?'

He advised all it took was a slight adjustment to her swing, which would enable her to hit the ball right in the middle, whereas right now she was 2 mm to the left or right of centre.

It only took a very slight adjustment for Sharon to reach her goal of being able to hit the ball straight down the fairway.

How many millimetres are you away from reaching your dreams in life?

Sometimes all it takes is a slight adjustment to see a big change, and sometimes we are much closer to reaching our dreams than we think and all it takes is that slight adjustment.

So, I want to ask you again:

How many millimetres are you away from reaching your dreams in life?

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