Have You Discovered Your Passion? Interview with Barrie Davenport

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Today I have a special recording that I made with Barrie Davenport as part of the Mind Alchemy: Intervieing the Coaches series.

This time I have included the full interview for you.

Listen to the full interview here:


Barrie is the author of the great 'Discover Your Passion' course, and she has kindly agreed to give all CYT readers a 20% discount on the 'Passion Igniter Course.'

Barrie has packed a punch with this course and here is a taste of what you can expect:

What will Discover Your Passion do for you?

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and what makes you happy and fulfills you.
  • Identify what is holding you back, getting in your way, causing you fear, limiting your growth, and keeping you stagnant.
  • Create a vision of your ideal life and work lived with passion.
  • Develop specific action steps to make that vision a reality.
  • Learn to be the creator of your life rather than the reactor to it.

Barrie twenty-five years in a successful public relations career before she figured out what was missing in her own life . . . the  passion.

What you Will get with the course

The Complete 7-Module, 116-page PDF Discover Your Passion course packed with assessments, worksheets, and actions steps, as well as an accountability plan and calendar.

Bonus #1: The Bold Living Guide: 7 Key Ingredients for a Meaningful Life, 46 pages of inspirational and actionable strategies for creating a life full of joy, fulfillment and real purpose.

Bonus #2: The Life 101 Master Course, a list of 101 ideas and actions you can take to stop reacting and start creating your life.

Bonus #3: The Passion Booster: A Simple Guide to Loving Relationships, an eBook full of ways to create strong, healthy relationships.


Flying By The Seat of My Soul

by Tess Marshall

The Life Cleanse Starter Kit

by Katie Tallo

Ramping Up Your Self Esteem

by Jonathan Wells

Motivated in Minutes

by Jason Gracia

The Make It Happen Manifesto

by Arvind Devalia

Super-Charged Guide to Smart Living

by Jeff Nickles

How to Establish New Habits

by Mary Jaksch

Heart of Peace

by Linda Gabriel

When listening to the interview you'll know how passionate and genuine Barrie is, and know that you are getting an amazing deal as the course is $47 to CYT readers.

How to get the course

Click the image below to get the course and put in the code CYT for your special discount

This offer is only open for another 71 Hours so please make sure you get over there and type in the code: CYT on the order page of the 'Igniter Package.'

I am sure Barrie would be happy to answer any of your questions, so post a question below for her and take advantage of her wisdom.

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