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When the Going Gets Tough"¦

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My wife started watching this new television show (well, new to us).   It's called "This Is Us."   I jumped in after the first episode and now we watch it together.   I think we are a season behind, so now we are embracing the concept of binge watching.

I'll be honest, it's not my typical show.   It takes you through all your emotions in an hour.   If you are not familiar with this show it focuses on a family over their lifetime.   The show features them in current days and flashes back to when the kids where young.

The storylines hit home often and that is what spurs the emotional rollercoaster.   My wife cries a lot.   But I have my share of moments!   At one point, I asked her if this was really how we would spend Saturday nights going forward!

But I am not turning this into a review of a television show.   There is a point to this.

I have mentioned this in writing before, but I have a hard time remembering my youth.   My memories of years ago, come in short flashes with little detail or substance.   My children ask me to tell them about me as a kid, and I struggle with the details.

This show actually rattled a few memories lose.   One of which is something my grandmother use to say"¦

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

Yeah, I know it's got that corny feel to it, but when it's something grandma says, you buy in.   This motivational jolt from grandma is similar to how most people talk to their children today.   We motivate them and tell them they can do anything in life.

The question I raise to you today is this"¦as adults, when did we stop believing this same message?

We have been prepped for this just like we try to do for our children.   We all had someone like my grandma offering words of encouragement.   If you are like me, you might have forgot about that as you got older.

I like the concept of "tough."   For me, I put quite a bit of effort in my life to looking and being tough.   Although this philosophy does not offer the glamour some of my readers might be looking for.       So, let's put an updated spin on an old saying"¦

"When the going gets tough, don't forget you are resilient."

In my world, I speak to many people that have something difficult they are struggling with.   And in many cases, it stems from a situation or time in their life that is in their past.   We all know we cannot control the past.

But, how we choice to use it is very much in our control.   What we do with it, is clearly up to us.   However, one thing that many of us forget from time to time is this"¦

If you worked your way through it or currently are trying to do it, you have that inner strength.   You are tough!   You are resilient!   You have overcome great obstacles before and you have the power to do it again.

Sometimes, we let situations or memories dictate our thoughts and / or actions.   This causes us to look at them in a negative way.   Yes, you have had to deal with some adversity in life, of course it was difficult.   But the fact that you persevered and overcome this struggle shows you are strong, tough, and resilient.

You need to remember within the core of your being, within the foundation of you, that you are this strong person.   And even though you will get hit with even more challenges as life goes on, you know "it" will be ok.

You have overcome great odds before, it just conditions you to do it again.   Adversity teaches us one simple fact, we need to be resilient.   I adopt a simple philosophy I would like to share with you"¦

My goal in life is the be the best version of me, first for me, then for the people in my life that I love.   This helps me reach deep for my inner strength to be that person.

All my grandma was saying was to keep moving forward.   As I think back, she was a pretty smart lady.   She knew how to give me a little push to keep moving me forward.

Now that is what I am doing for you.   Now get moving!

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