Final Energy Update For 2017

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  • What is "˜Ours' and what is "˜Theirs'/TAKING CARE OF ONESELF ENERGETICALLY
  • New Galactic Suns Energies
  • New Dragon Energies
  • Thank you
  • Onwards and Upwards in New Birthing Energies/Ascension in 2018
  • Taking Care of Oneself Energetically
  • Honoring our Space and Energy
  • What is "˜ours' what is "˜theirs' ~ Special Insight ~
  • Coming from Another Angle
  • AMPLIFIED Energies
  • Be More Conscious of what one is FEELING
  • Giving yourself the "˜greatest gift'
  • Coming Home to Oneself
  • "˜Before' is no Longer"¦

*What is being shared here is from 2 years of very intense feeling, processing and generally "˜working this out' to be able to share to you all, as my final gift of 2017. Of 22 years leading up to "˜this' to be "˜able' to do so.

As this is a MAJOR "˜heads up' of energies of "˜what is ours, what is "˜theirs'. That was a very intense "˜time' of "˜discovering' (what I am about to share below) as a Template/Ascension Pioneer/WaySEER for and with humanity. As I "˜head into' my 23rd year of going "˜within' consciously. With 2018 being a year of creating and manifesting and then also a 11 year (also being a Master No:11). Some very "˜exciting' times are "˜ahead' indeed!*


We have a New Galactic suns energy that recently "˜came in' while the old suns energy is shifting away"¦which this "˜transition' in itself is so major and huge as this is our Bringing in a New Dawn, right here and now! (Remember this does take "˜time').

With our New Birthing within a Re-Birth with so much FINALITY that has come through for group/family energies, which has been very "˜challenging for us all who feel so deeply, that was and is very necessary for us in LETTING GO of the family "˜unit' energetically. As a final "˜hurrah' of expansion of our own energies.

To "˜take us through' an old portal into a new portal of energies"¦which is already coming through for 2018 right now.


As the Dragon energies are assisting up "˜globally' with our personal ascension for humanities Ascension. As there was a new birthing of Dragon energies this year that came through myself as I was so honored and blessed to be "˜part of this' "“ as previously shared. As I have been "˜working' with Dragon energies intimately for around 10 years now. And their "˜humming' intensified until I just shared this lol.

Remember that in all I AM that there is more, always more to come and with what is shared in the Blue Beyond energy updates of the Divine"¦that many read and resonate and then "˜go back' and re-read and feel and then feel into a deeper resonation for themselves. This "˜comes' with BE-ing a WaySEER/Trailblazer and sharing as the energies come through "˜firstly' that are unique in linking our Spirit to our Soul in the HUman.

Energy updates of humanities ascension as a "˜time-line' that is shared here and now and not "˜put into' a book or e-book as my gift to humanity in Service to Humanity and Gaia of the Divine.


I personally Thank you ALL for "˜finding' your way here, to the Divine in YOU and your personal resonations of the Divine in what is shared.

For ALL those souls who have commented and shared as YOUR energy in "˜doing so' has allowed others to feel your resonance of the Divine in your sharing in the HUman Being, linked to your Spirit.

As this "˜information' has never been brought through before to humanity in linking Spirit to Soul through a human vessel that is in 6D embodiment.

That SO MANY are resonating to!



As we move ONWARDS and UPWARDS into a "˜brand new' energy of 2018 (that I am feeling and bringing through now) of SO MUCH we have waited for and EARNED!

Yes, we are all at different "˜places' within our own personal ascension growth, yet the energies are coming through as shared"¦there is MORE always more to what is being shared here"¦and this is the "˜exciting part' of "˜this'.

Of Humanities and YOUR ASCENSION"¦that there is a "˜go to' space that has, is and does share on a much greater scale and level than "˜ever before'"¦and that is very exciting for myself as well! For those who DO RESONATE deeper and further of the Divine!

So, as we "˜continue on' in all we are each "˜going through' from now until 2018, it is time to "˜pull back a little' to enable a further and deeper processing of these newer energies now coming through.

And as I do so, what is being "˜prepared' for 2018 is a new offer of 1:1 Divine healings as guided that will be shared "˜soon'.


This "˜pulling away a little' right now is so necessary to prepare oneself for a "˜higher platform' of energies"¦to re-group, stay "˜extra' protected as in to stay very energetically "˜vigilant' between now and 2018 (and onwards).

To "˜protect our rear' as so recently shared"¦to allow oneself some "˜extra' space within all else we are doing and with others as well"¦we can do this and allow ourselves this"¦to "˜take time', create a space or spaces or "˜gaps' within all we are "˜doing' in "˜BE-ing'.

To take a little "˜step out' of others energies and "˜agenda's' to ensure you are "˜TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF ENERGETICALLY'.

To allow oneself "˜time' to allow a processing and filtering of energies one is "˜processing' to allow a filtering through of ALL one is enduring in all they are.

This CAN BE DONE within BE-ing with others or around other energies..it may be a small gap or "˜break' that one CAN take or give to oneself as until one is in their own energy "˜space' "“ that can be enough to "˜break' the energies or it give oneself an energetic "˜break' from others. No matter how "˜small' the "˜break' this is so very beneficial. And actually very necessary for us.


Misty blue sparkling Healing Energy

All one needs to do is ALLOW THIS FOR ONESELF"¦give oneself the GIFT of honouring your space and energy, within all else one is "˜going through'.

As when we are "˜around' others energies "˜so much' or when we have a very close soul connection of the HEART with others, we can often feel "˜what is theirs' without realising this.

Now this is or can be a very "˜tricky' discerning of this, of what I am sharing below.

As it can "˜take time' to discern this"¦especially when one has a soul mate/twin energy connection, that is part of our Divine Souls journeys.

That now others are feeling this more so and so now it is very much "˜time' to share this "˜information' "˜out of the vault' of the Blue Beyond.


Feeling energies that "˜may not' be "˜ours' "“ especially those we are "˜very close to'. Yet this is also part of our souls Divine journeys in doing so"¦

Where we may have cleared or processed or pulled apart a personal situation(s) that is very deeply within us and have done some amazing healing on and with ourselves, yet sometimes for what feels "˜no reason' at all, energies to do with a certain area of our lives from the past, is heightened or amplified (more than it needs to be).

Again and I say again as it is usually with "˜something/one' personal within ourselves that we know we have worked through and cleared so much and then what feels "˜all of a sudden' up this "˜flares' "“ again.

Where we "˜do not understand' or are unable to "˜work out' what this is or "˜what is going on'. Where we have processed and cleared over and over to ones "˜full extent'.

And I say this, as this is for those who have or know they have cleared all they can and have searched within themselves over and over "“ again.

That what can/does happen when we are very close to "˜someone' that what we have felt through "˜all the way' for something within ourselves from our past, can be re-triggered (especially if this is something or an area we have just "˜come through' ourselves) or AMPLIFIED of what we have already cleared THROUGH OUR CLOSE CONNECTION WITH "˜ANOTHER' of WHAT THEY ARE FEELING.


*This "˜information' is not to be "˜abused' or "˜used' as a "˜way out' of what one is feeling that has not "˜finished' processing to completion"¦this is not to "˜fool ourselves' of what we are still needing to process and release*.


This is for those souls, to have "˜another angle' to "˜come from' for when they "˜know' they have cleared so much and "˜something doesn't make sense' in what they are feeling when one "˜knows' they have done "˜all they can'.

As one will "˜know' when this "˜applies' to them in what they resonate to in reading this for themselves.

As this comes as a very deep "˜knowing' and an "˜ahhh' type of feeling of resonance with this information.

As there is "˜no fooling' ourselves or the Divine within of, with and for this. As "˜Ascension cannot be rushed, fooled or cheated".

This is something that I have personally been feeling into for myself with another soul extremely close to me with a very close soul contract for 2 years now"¦as it has taken "˜quite a while' to understand why I was feeling "˜what I was' as I am a seeker of my soul as well"¦and it has taken a very long time of living in and with this to be able to "˜work this out' for myself. To now bring this through to YOU.

And now this has come up very recently with another soul I "˜work with' closely with their Souls Divine Journey in "˜what and how' this is now affecting them with a very close "˜twin' energy soul contract.


For them to "˜help themselves' in working out' what is "˜theirs' and what is not or within themselves of something that was quite deep for them personally that at times is AMPLIFIED from having a very close soul "˜twin' connection with another soul where they are "˜transmuting' for and with them"¦as that is ALSO part of their soul contract.

*Please "˜know' that this amplifying of others energies within this soul contract is NOT ABLE to be stopped! This is very vital to know and very important as I know, as I have tried over and over in every way possible personally with this for 2 yrs.

As this is "˜to do' with another soul where there is a connection that is "˜much higher' than just ourselves.

This is with a connection with another soul where there is a "˜mission' for humanity in doing this together"¦as part of both soul contracts for and with humanity.

So when one feels "˜something doesn't make sense' or is too much, stop and feel and ask yourself "˜is this this mine or someone else's' that is being amplified"¦as subconsciously we do "˜just take on' others energies!!


Feeling free

If something "˜doesn't make sense' to what you are feeling, allow yourself to expand your energy to FEELING into what this is for yourself.

Be open to this information and allow oneself to feel and differentiate what does not fully resonate or is an amplification of ones own energy.

There will be many many questions that one "˜may ask' with this that one may need to feel fully into for themselves.

This is not a "˜one for all' type of sharing and information as each situation is so different and varies.

This IS for those souls who are needing that "˜little bit more' insight to what may be "˜going on' for themselves"¦that they may not have been "˜able' to "˜put their finger on' what is going on for themselves with others.

That one will resonate to for what this is for themselves.

As anything more can be shared and guided with for themselves (in helping you to help yourself) and the Divine in a personal 1:1 Divine Healing"¦as those who are "˜ready' for this, the "˜way and means' are provided for"¦as all flows beautifully and effortlessly.


Allow yourself to "˜give yourself' one of the greatest gifts of "˜space and time' now and always.

As now, we can allow this for ourselves as the Divine is allowing and providing a "˜new space' energetically within all else we have and are "˜going through.

The Divine "˜knows' how MUCH you have been diligently "˜working' so hard for and with yourself and others/humanity.

That a "˜break' has occurred a new "˜gap' or "˜space' with our "˜time' here and now.

That ALL are exactly where they "˜need' to be for each one of our Soul and Spirits Divine Journeys.


Law of Attraction

To allow us "˜time and space' to COME HOME TO OURSELVES.

To allow us a "˜settling' in "˜time' for our New Birthing in a New Space of 2018.

Of a New Creating, Manifesting and Abundance!

If we would only "˜turn inwards' and allow ourselves of this "˜greatest gift'"¦as to seek this from others, to seek unconditional love from others, is an "˜out pouring' of our precious precious "˜Liquid Gold' energy that we are so "˜needing' for ourselves firstly!

Time to "˜pull-back' a little"¦to allow us "˜time' to re-group, protect and be within our own "˜shells' of energy and not to "˜cut off' from others completely.

But to set very very new and closer boundaries to and for ourselves in a very New Way, that we many have not felt we "˜needed' to before.


This is HERE and NOW with a NEW BIRTHING ENERGY"¦that we do so need to honor and respect and "˜gift ourselves'.

And now the masculine and feminine Dragons are humming in unison of a New Balancing of New Feminine and Masculine energies coming through so very recently.

To assist US with our New Birthing.

And when one "˜comes through' a New Birthing, one will feel a little (or a lot) tired and exhausted from all the EFFORT we have expended in doing so.

As we are moving ONWARDS and UPWARDS.

As "˜The Woman or Man on top of the mountain didn't fall there'. (Please know this picture I have had from the early 90's and so I did a little "˜sky writing' myself and updated this ;-).

"˜See' you in the New Year!

As always I am right here with you. As all I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

This article was originally published by In5D with kind permission

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About the author:  Anastacia  is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment. Sharing unique energy updates/insights from Spirit to Soul through our emotions = Both "“ of the Divine "“ through human embodiment of being in 6D, in real-time experience as a template for humanity.