Exercise: Change your state

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Exercise: Change your mood

This is a great exercise for "˜changing your state' as NLPers would call it. Picture the scenario: You've woken up one morning full of the joys of spring, and the pouring rain, you've received a letter stating you are due someone £542.33. How does that make you feel, pretty pissed off I would imagine. You obviously have forgotten all about this but it still doesn't stop you from being in a bad mood pretty much the rest of the day.

A great exercise to try and a very simplistic one is by doing the following.

Think of five things you are proud of in your life: your family, yourself, your business, your kids, and your wife everything you are proud of in your life. Feel the emotions when you look at your wife and feel how blessed you are, feel the feelings as you mentally see your child do something for the first time and you realise they're growing up, feel all the feelings associated with the proudness you feel.

Now think of five things you have done in your life which you felt great about; ,making the school rugby team as captain, getting out of debt, meeting your wife, playing with your children. Feel the feelings again, how did you feel on all of these five moments.

Now look at five of your biggest successes and do exactly the same, feel the feelings, get into the scene again and feel the feelings, play some of your favourite music in the background.

Really get into all the roles.

Keep your eyes closed whilst doing this, and when you've got all the roles and your biggest successes and proudest moments click your fingers twice.

How do you feel now? Are you sitting up a bit straighter, do you feel a bit brighter?

If you have done this exercise correctly and really put your heart and soul into it you should have changed your state of mind within the matter of five minutes.

Here's the thing, every time you do this exercise click your fingers twice as soon as you have finished doing it. And pretty soon you should be able to change your state by clicking your fingers twice. Try it for 21 days

I hope you enjoy this and I look forward to the next exercise.

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